A Convenient Belt for Parcel Sortation

Parcel sortation facilities often have short belts installed in difficult-to-reach locations, where it is often tricky and hazardous to bring splicing tools. Easy and fast replacement of the belt is difficult because it’s often required to disassemble half the conveyor to conduct the installation.
Changing the type or location of the belt is not an answer. If you use the correct solutions, within minutes you can have the belt running again.

Less downtime, more productivity

Ziplink® belt, designed by Ammeraal Beltech, combines cover materials with a structured link mesh, which can be spliced at any length and joined with one single pin. As there is no splice area, there are also no weaker points in the whole belt, no extra thickness spots, or metal parts to damage machineries and goods. The belt is strong and lasts long.

Moreover, its unique mesh structure allows for convenient splicing without special tools, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Any incident which leads to unplanned downtime can be quickly managed without special tools or external maintenance services, ensuring that your production speed will not slow down due to prolonged maintenance.

Where should it be used?

Ziplink® belt can be utilized in applications such as gapping, live roller, strip merge, general and incline transport, and high-speed merging. Many ZipLink® users find they can reduce the time and personnel required to change the belt by over 50%. Are you among those who want to increase your production time and minimize downtime?

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ZipLink belts help reduce downtime


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