Autoclaves transported from Germany to Uzbekistan

Eleven members of the Danir 19 team from its offices in Germany, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan worked jointly to perform a tailored logistics solution  – the transportation of two abnormal autoclaves from Germany to Uzbekistan.

The two out-of-gauge autoclaves, each 45 meters long and with a gross weight of 87,000kg, were safely delivered for use in Uzbekistan’s industrial sector.

The project included transportation of autoclaves with four modes of transport. As a result, the autoclaves under single transportation were moved by truck, barge, ship, and by rail. Every part of transportation included its own successfully solved challenges and difficulties.

One of the interesting challenges for this transportation was the organisation and execution of safe heavy lifting operations. In total, five transshipments of the cargo were performed, safely executed under supervision of survey and company representatives.


From: Germany to Uzbekistan

Cargo: Out of gauge autoclaves

Dimensions: 45 x 3.5 x 3.6m

Weight: 87,000kg

Quantity: 2

Industry: Industrial sector

Types of transport: trucks/ship/barge/railway

Transshipments: 5

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