Automated DC for Slovakian 3PL

The new warehouse of isklad in Senec, Slovakia, will be equipped with a high-performance Micro-Fulfillment-Center (RSX1-Micro) from ROCKETSOLUTION GmbH. The RSX1 system from ROCKETSOLUTION integrates the complete material flow from goods receipt and storage to picking and packing.

The high-density RSX1-Micro System maximises the use of the available space, creating many times the previously existing storage capacity. The system performance, which is tailored to the order volume and the business processes, will enable isklad to process its order faster and more efficiently. Isklad can now easily manage its rapid growth in business due to the flexible scalability of the RSX1-Micro.

The new automated warehouse for isklad is one of the first systems implemented by ROCKETSOLUTION in the market, making this installation an important milestone in the company’s history.

isklad is a fast-growing and globally active Third Party Logistics (3PL) Provider offering a complete logistics solution for all categories of e-shops (small or large, with or without warehouse). This is a modern and efficient way to provide warehousing services and to offer order preparation and delivery of shipments directly to e-shop customers in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible cost.

The transport and warehousing services offered are complemented by isklad’s proprietary, transparent and intuitive online software (EGON). EGON acts as an extension of existing online shops so that data on orders, products, stock levels and costs can be tracked at all times.

“Our customers rely on reliable, fast and uncomplicated order processing. To ensure that we can continue to provide this in the future, we automate our previously manual warehouse,” says Martin Mitošinka, CEO of isklad.

“With Rocket Solution, we can not only improve the use of our shop floor, but also make our work processes much more efficient. The integration of the RSX1 enables us to continue to operate as a reliable logistics service provider worldwide as well as to achieve our growth targets.”

The RSX1 automated small parts storage system for totes and trays is based on an innovative shuttle technology. The system consists of the following four main components:

  • RS-Rack
  • RS-Shuttle
  • RS-Lift
  • RS-Software

The RS-Shuttles within the storage levels handle the totes using an innovative load handling device with an integrated lifting technology. The compact system is characterised by maximum storage density, enormous robustness, as well as simple integration capability, whereby the latter refers to material flow systems and IoT as well as to the building structure. This enables reliable system availability and fast, uncomplicated system integration and implementation. The innovative RSX1 significantly improves space efficiency compared to conventional automated systems.

isklad offers fulfilment services for a steadily increasing number of suppliers from a wide range of industries. This is reflected in the variety of goods to be stored and handled. Multiple tote heights can be stored within the RSX1, allowing the system to be optimised to the inventory. Unused space in the warehouse is thus further reduced.

The two-aisle system for isklad offers 33,800 storage locations and is designed for a performance of 2,000 double cycle per hour. Workstations at the front of the aisles are used to repack the goods into automatically provided empty totes of different heights. The workstations for highly dynamic picking and the following packing stations are located on the rear end of the aisle.

The RSX1-Micro can easily be extended by adding new aisles to add more capacity and performance to the system. This scalability is important for the 3PL Provider isklad as the integration of new customers is a core component of their future growth and the successful management of peak seasons a basic requirement of this business model.

“The RSX1 technology integrates perfectly with our existing business processes and optimises them as well. By investing in the flexible RSX1 system, we can meet our increased requirements and expand the system at any time in the future,” Mitošinka continues.

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