Automated Hand-Scanning Upgrade

The automation of hand scanning processes increases productivity at inbound and outbound areas of logistics hubs dramatically. Now, a milestone upgrade to SICK’s Lector65x image-based code reader family has made it quicker and easier to set up and use the technology in high-volume operations.

Hand-held barcode readers are still widely used to ensure the traceability of goods and packages, for example in retail, warehousing and parcel sorting operations. However, this process not only takes time, but picking and putting down the hand scanner while handling the object risks repetitive stress and strain to the operator.

With a SICK Lector654 matrix camera installed above their workstation, operators can instead present the package to the scanner at the most ergonomic height, confident of highly-reliable read rates. With SICK’s innovative dynamic focus function, the camera can adapt flexibly to the working distance and the position of the code. Meanwhile, the operator can use both hands where necessary to handle more bulky or heavier objects.

Increase Productivity and Throughput

“In many logistics operations, the pressure is on to increase throughput, maximise productivity and eliminate any processes that could lead to delay or stoppages,” comments Darren Pratt, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Identification.

“SICK’s Lector654 offers a simple solution that is easy to set up without major changes to existing working areas. Operators can then work without the delays, interruptions and unplanned downtimes which are unavoidable when using hand scanners.

“Some overhead camera set-ups have a fixed focal point, but with the Lector654’s dynamic focus, adapting the workstation for people of different heights can be automated.”

The SICK Lector654 adapts flexibly to the position of the code, thanks to its extensive field of view and depth of field. Used for hand presentation, it can read a wide range of common 1D and 2D code types, while onboard decoding algorithms ensure maximum read performance and high-throughput even for difficult-to-read codes.


The SICK Lector654 reliably identifies and decodes all common 1D, 2D and stacked code formats. With a high-resolution CMOS sensor, the Lector654 has the resolution to read all object sizes from large to small. Thanks to both dynamic focus and brightness adjustment, the Lector654 produces the highest quality images, which can also be recorded for other track and trace purposes, if required.

The SICK Lector654 also shares the high-performance features of SICK’s Lector65x family of image-based code readers. With a frame repetition rate of 40 Hz and real-time decoding, Lector65x track and trace systems reliably identify 1D, 2D and directly marked codes at high speeds. Training and installation time are minimised thanks to the camera’s function buttons, auto setup, an aiming laser, an acoustic feedback signal, and a green feedback LED.

With SICK’s 4Dpro common communications platform, the SICK Lector65x family of image-based code readers communicate easily with other SICK devices, for example for volume or weight measurement, and share their data and parameters, linking seamlessly with factory control and data systems. Compatible with TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS, serial and CAN interfaces, the Lector 65x cameras also have a MicroSD card slot to enable parameter cloning and image storage.

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