Automated Order Processing Solutions at LogiMAT

Coesia, a leader in innovative industrial and packaging solutions, will showcase its internal logistics and e-commerce solutions to automate order fulfilment processes at LogiMAT (March 19-21, 2024; Hall 7, Stand 7A61.) At the show, Coesia’s Groups will display technologies to support picking, consolidation, packaging, and palletising. Coesia’s full suite of end-to-end solutions support its customers up and down their supply chains.

“Choosing Coesia as a single partner in the field of in-house logistics, and in particular e-commerce, offers infinite advantages, and above all that of having an end-to-end solution provider of innovative, flexible and efficient technologies,” says Alessandro Parimbelli, CEO of Coesia. “In fact, Coesia guides its customers through every step of their e-commerce automation journey, from the production and filling of boxes and bags to inline printing, all the way to the end of line phase. Coesia’s e-commerce solutions revolve around three key areas, with finely tuned technologies to ensure high performance and customer satisfaction.”

1) Coesia’s on demand packaging solutions redefine the production, customization and filling of boxes and bags for e-commerce orders fulfilment. These solutions meet the need for fit-to-size personalized packaging leading to a significant reduction in production and shipping costs and in material consumption.
2) Flow automation solutions usher in a new era of process automation, meticulously crafted to address the ever-evolving challenges faced by e-commerce operators. From conveying solutions to ground-breaking sorting technologies, the portfolio is designed to optimise every aspect of this production stage.
3) Coesia’s advanced robotics skills ensure secure handling of a wide range of products, boxes and bags, starting from picking systems to palletizing and de-palletizing equipment.

Order Processing Solutions

Logistics hubs need systems capable of handling, sorting and packaging an increasing number of products of different shapes and sizes. This is why it is essential to use a partner that combines long-term experience in developing rigid box packaging solutions with the strength of a leading industrial automation group. E-BM is the complete fit-to-size box production solution for the industry, developed by EMMECI, a Coesia Company, leader in the design and production of luxury box-making machines and systems.

E-BM is engineered to integrate seamlessly with warehouse control and management systems, allowing the packaging dimensions to be automatically adapted to fit the end product. This makes it possible to reduce the box sizes by up to 40%, saving on materials and facilitating the management and optimisation of space and transport during shipping, resulting in a smaller emission and inventory footprint. In addition, E-BM offers the possibility to customise packaging to meet specific conveying needs, including tape closure and the option to print codes and labels to assist in package control and traceability processes.

ACMA unveils a preview of the new E-SWL

ACMA, a Coesia Company, leader in the design and production of automatic packaging systems for the FMCG world, will present at LogiMAT the preview of E-SWL, a complete solution for the packaging of products destined for shipment in paper bags. E-SWL is an innovative, scalable, flexible and easy-to-use solution designed to produce customised bags for products that do not require special protection during shipment, significantly reducing the amount of packaging around the product. It also offers on demand customisation, making it possible to print and include any type of documentation inside the package.

BRIXX® by FlexLink

FlexLink, a Coesia Company and leader in material flow solutions, will be present at the stand with BRIXX®: an extremely flexible solution based on modules consisting of advanced conveyors and robots that can be disconnected and rearranged to suit new layouts. New lines can therefore be changed and programmed in a matter of minutes. Its modular, click-and-play design based on intuitive software allows for the rapid transformation of the module layout to facilitate seasonal peak work management with an extremely user-friendly experience.

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