Automatic Small-parts Warehouse with Pallet Channel

ITH GmbH & Co. KG, a leading system supplier in the field of bolting technology from M16 up-wards, is using a new automatic small-parts warehouse. The company develops, produces and sells hydraulic, pneumatic and electric tools. ITH placed an order with the system integrator Klinkhammer Intralogistics with logistics planning and subsequently with the construction of an automated small parts warehouse and pallet channel warehouse as well as the retro-fit of the existing tray warehouse at the Meschede site. With this automation, a six-fold increase in the current logistical throughput, in terms of the number of order items, is possible in the small parts area. Existing and new warehouse systems will be equipped with the material flow control and the warehouse management software KlinkWARE 11.

As a medium-sized, owner-managed mechanical engineering company, the worldwide sales network includes twelve ITH subsidiaries and more than 40 worldwide representatives. In addition to bolting technology, the company also offers fastening elements, engineering services and a comprehensive service as a system supplier. The vertical range of manufacture of over 90 %, which is unique in the market, enables ITH to react flexibly and quickly to enquiries and to guarantee a high availability of components.

As the logistics had reached its limits in terms of performance, ITH commissioned the development of a future-oriented logistics concept that, in addition to expansions, would also take into account process optimisations of the existing warehouse technology. After a comprehensive logistics planning, which included all logistical areas from delivery to the supply of production to the dispatch of finished products, the decision was made to build a new automatic three-aisle container warehouse in order to significantly increase the picking performance. For an optimal logistical process, conveyor-connected combined workstations are planned between the tote warehouse and the existing tray warehouse, each of which has 7 replenishment tote positions and thus ensures a continuous flow of totes. The warehouse is optimally prepared for a significant increase in the parts assortment in the future, also due to the software-supported partitioning oft the load carrier. The container warehouse offers two different height classes.

In addition, a single-aisle pallet channel warehouse is to be built. The channel storage system is characterised by a particularly high storage density. Due to the multiple-deep storage, up to five pallets can be stored compactly one behind the other. The camera system on the stacker crane with an opening angle of approx. 180° is used for fast and targeted troubleshooting directly from the control room. In the course of this, the narrow-aisle warehouse will also be expanded and the existing tray warehouse will be modernised. In future, all warehouse systems will be equipped with the material flow computer and the warehouse management software KlinkWARE 11 and thus operated with a uniform software solution. The logistics centre is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2025.

The managing directors Frank and Jörg Hohmann as well as the project manager Jan Hohmann confirm the good cooperation: “We have experienced Klinkhammer as a reliable, innovative provider of logistics solutions and are looking forward to the completion of the logistics facility.”

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