Automation Solutions for Swedish Sorting Centre

Fives, a partner for transforming supply chain facilities, was recently selected by Posten Bring to supply a new sorting system. This major logistics player in the Nordics chose Fives’ solution to automate their new sorting centre in Jönköping, Bring’s largest hub in Sweden and twice the size of the existing terminal.

Hanna Jonasson, Director of Operations for Bring, explains the background to this investment: “Over the past three years, our Swedish parcel volumes have grown by 169 percent, and strong indications suggest that our growth has only just begun. Jönköping is the backbone of our logistics chain, and it is of utmost importance that the parcel flow functions well. Therefore, we have made the decision to invest in automation from Fives – a solution that will be tailored to our specific needs”.

This project is part of Bring’s recent significant investments in their terminals and vehicle fleet to expand their market share and limit their carbon footprint.

The new sorting solution will increase capacity by 300 percent compared to the current system. It is based on two of Fives’ main proprietary technologies: the singulator and the cross-belt sorter, which guarantee a high level of automation and efficiency.

Fives’ singulator optimizes the item flow by transforming the 3D bulk flow of packages and flyers into a 1D stream of objects with regular spacing. The technology automatically feeds one induction line connected to the sorter.

Fives’ GENI-Belt sorter is equipped with 8 GENI-Feed induction lines, cameras, volume detection and more than 220 chutes used for local, domestic and international destinations.

The unparalleled accuracy and availability of the technology, combined with a compact layout, ensure high-performance with minimum operational costs. The solution designed by Fives’ process experts relies upon configuration redundancy to optimize the delivery capacity of the hub. Posten Bring plan to use the new sorting system by mid-2025.

“Our new system will ensure our ability to sustain growth. In order to continue scaling our volumes, we must not only operate at a faster pace but also employ smarter solutions”, Jonasson adds.

The new partnership with Posten Bring reinforces and cements Fives’ position in the Nordics.

With 1,800 employees in Europe, Asia and North America, Fives’ Smart Automation Solutions Division provides high-end automation solutions with a broad portfolio of proprietary technologies and software for the retail and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), postal and courier, e-commerce, manufacturing industries and airport markets.

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