Baltic Sea Development Includes Klaipeda

Friday March 1st marked the date when Samskip took the next step in its strategic Baltic Sea development by increasing service capacity and adding the port of Klaipeda to its network.

The extended service follows the successful establishment of Samskip’s dedicated Baltic Sea shortsea service in November 2023. Since its kick-off, the Samskip Baltic Sea service has aimed to provide a market-leading scheduling reliability, supported by good customer experience.

As part of the extended Baltic Sea service, Samskip will increase capacity by deploying two 803 TEU container vessels on the trade route and add the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda to the fixed-day weekly sailing schedule which connects the UK and the Netherlands with Finland and the Baltic States.

Klaipeda Port

In addition, Samskip will relocate its UK port of call from Hull to the neighboring Humber port of Immingham. This move further guarantees schedule integrity, allowing for even smoother connectivity with Samskip’s owned truck fleet based in Immingham for ‘last mile’ deliveries.

The newly extended service is in answer to customer demand for a reliable shortsea service in Finland and the Baltic States combined with a strong focus on Customer Centricity. These two core values are now available to Lithuanian exporters who can benefit from market-leading transit times between Lithuania and the UK. Samskip vessels will depart from Klaipeda every Saturday morning to arrive three days later in Immingham on Tuesday morning.

Samskip Regional Director – Baltic Sea, Johan van der Pijl, said: “Service, reliability and the continuous enhancement of our customers experience have been and will remain our core values in this corridor. Fueled by the shortsea expertise in our DNA, our dedication to these values has driven Samskip to deliver market-leading reliability and customer experience since the kick-off of our Baltic Sea service last November. We are excited to roll out these customer focused values to the Lithuanian market. Adding our own truck fleet based in Immingham, we are able offer customers a care-free and seamless door-to-door transport experience.”

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