Baoli offers Li-ion lift pallet truck

Industrial truck manufacturer Baoli, part of the KION Group, has launched a new electric hand pallet truck. The EP 15-03, which it says is as efficient as it is versatile, is suitable for transporting goods economically and without fatigue, as well as for storing and retrieving goods.

Lithium-ion batteries ensure that the new pallet truck is both easy to handle and maintenance-free and can be recharged at any time without gas emission at a standard 220V socket. Baoli says this makes the EP 15-03 an enduring, easy-to-maintain performer in the warehouse.

“Our new low-lift truck can be used for almost any internal goods transport in small and medium-sized warehouses, for example in wholesale and retail. In addition, like all BAOLI industrial trucks, it is particularly robust and therefore ideally suited for long-term use,” says Francesco Pampuri, Brand Management Director KION ITS EMEA, describing some of the key benefits of the new machine.

At the same time, with its load capacity of 1,500kg, a tare weight of just 120kg and its 24V/20Ah lithium-ion batteries, the EP 15-03 can really get things moving – even on tail lifts or freight elevators thanks to its low tare weight.

However, the vehicle is not only characterised by its robust design. According to Baoli, it also scores with its intuitive operation. All travel and lifting functions are electrically operated. The manually operated lowering handle ensures a smooth lowering process that avoids damage to the goods. The extra low-mounted tiller reduces the effort required for steering and predestines the new vehicle for pedestrian operation.

The compact dimensions, small turning radius and precision gear make the EP 15-03 an ideal solution even for areas with little space for movement. When the precision gear switch is activated, the operator can steer the truck even when the tiller is in a vertical position. This enables particularly precise manoeuvring. The lift motor and the particularly smooth hydraulic system ensure gentle and precise lifting and lowering operations.

The EP 15-03 is powered by a maintenance-free and gas-emission-free 24V/20Ah lithium-ion battery. This is charged quickly and easily at any standard socket via the external charger. An LED light indicates the charge status of the battery. Fast intermediate charging is possible at any time without affecting the battery. Should intermediate charging processes not be possible for some reason, optional replacement batteries ensure vehicle availability.

“With the new EP 15-03, Baoli has launched a pallet truck that is much more than just a replacement for a hand pallet truck. The electric drive relieves the operator enormously and ensures significantly faster and more efficient goods flows in the warehouse,” concludes Pampuri.

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