Battery Intelligence for Industrial Trucks

UgoWork™, a Canadian lithium-ion energy solutions provider specialized in the material handling industry, is proud to introduce UgoPilot™, an innovative energy and battery intelligence management platform designed exclusively for industrial vehicle fleets. With a focus on real-time insights and data-driven decision-making, UgoPilot heralds a new era in energy management, empowering organizations to maximize fleet efficiency while prioritizing performance, safety, and sustainability.

“We’ve cultivated intelligence and harnessed our energy expertise through meticulous data collection from our cloud-connected batteries since Day 1,” said Philippe Beauchamp, president and CEO of UgoWork. “Today’s industry is shifting towards high performance products to meet safety, productivity and sustainability goals. The UgoPilot software suite is all about providing clarity. It generates the data-driven insights operations managers need to maximize the use of their fleets and enter into a new era of energy management that truly reduces carbon footprint and costs. Thanks to UgoPilot, batteries are not just black boxes anymore.”

Pioneering fleet management transformation

Capitalizing on proven field results, UgoPilot will unlock multiple opportunities that include:

• Secure: Safe and efficient equipment operation through real-time data
• Reduce: Comprehensive fleet data to confidently eliminate underused equipment
• Optimize: Predictive analytics to maximize fleet throughput and asset life
• Support: Instant access to energy experts dedicated to helping you boost operational performance and achieve your mission-critical KPIs

A better battery is just the start

Beta testers are already praising UgoPilot as a game-changer for the industry. An early adopter of UgoWork solutions and beta tester operating one of the largest 3PL operations in Canada shared, “UgoPilot’s analysis of raw data provides insight that translates into action. Its prioritized features such as real-time fleet status, instant notifications, and personalized reporting have revolutionized our operations. UgoWork’s Energy Experts provide unparalleled support, helping us reach our fleet reduction and productivity goals.”

UgoPilot is set to reshape industries such as food and beverage, third-party logistics (3PL), warehousing and manufacturing. Designed for companies operating medium to large sized fleets, with each truck logging over 2,000 operational hours annually, UgoPilot stands as a beacon for businesses seeking enhanced fleet visibility, optimized performance, and significant energy savings.

Elevating industrial battery management

UgoPilot redefines energy management and battery intelligence for industrial trucks. With a phased rollout to select existing customers that started in the summer, the platform is now globally available, providing organizations the tools to harness actionable insights for unparalleled fleet performance.

Companies interested in transitioning to lithium-ion batteries, optimizing fleet performance, or seeking comprehensive energy management solutions can connect with UgoWork’s energy experts to explore UgoPilot’s detailed feature list and pricing.

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