Bespoke Loading Platform

Doncaster based Hörmann Transdek have recently completed the installation of a bespoke loading platform for leading drinks distributor HillsProspect LWC. Having been initially contacted regarding one of their standard loading bay products, Hörmann Transdek worked with the company to design and develop a unique solution to their very specific loading requirements.

HillsProspect LWC operate a fleet of forty vehicles from their Romford distribution facility, ranging from 7.5 to 18 tonne in size, which in the main are loaded using a number of standard dock levellers. Alongside these were two level access bays which were proving not to be as efficient and were causing concerns about operator safety. After initial consultations and design proposals, Hörmann Transdek worked closely with HillsProspect LWC to provide a tailored solution to speed loading operations and improve operator safety.

The resulting loading facility features a raised 56m2 platform which has been constructed within the warehouse, it incorporates anti-slip flooring, safety barriers, steps, and a perimeter handrail to ensure operator safety. Two Hörmann mini docks have also been fitted with a simple, manually operated lip to bridge the gap between the loading platform and the vehicle. Delivered, constructed and ready for use within four days, the loading platform provides a simple, but effective solution for loading and unloading vehicles.

Commenting on the installation, Nigel Metcalf Depot Manager at HillsProspect LWC, “From initial contact with Hörmann Transdek right through to the completion of the project, they have been quick to respond and excellent to work with.”

Loading Platform

The loading platform was installed in a matter of days and had an immediate effect on our loading/unloading capabilities, saving us both time and money. It has taken us from 4 fully operational bays up to 6, enabling us to speed up our operation and helped ensure that we got through the busy Christmas and New Year period without a hitch”.

Founded in 1997, Yorkshire based Hörmann Transdek are experts in the manufacture of specialist loading bay equipment. Dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the logistics and retail sectors, Transdek offer a range of products that provide reduced installation times and help speed loading/unloading operations. Products include surface-mounted, rapid-install double deck lifts designed to load high-capacity double deck trailers, V2G (vehicle to ground) lifts for loading vehicles on level-access sites, dock levellers, scissor lifts and mezzanine goods lifts.

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