Bolzoni opens portal for rental and used attachments

As an alternative to the purchase of a new attachment, the Bolzoni rental and remanufactured product range is now available on a new European web portal.

Especially in times of shortages in logistics chains and extended lead times when investing into new equipment, alternative options, such as rental and used products, become more important than ever.

In the case of seasonal peaks, an unexpected breakdown or, simply to cover an additional fleet requirement, to rent an attachment or to buy a reconditioned unit can be a good alternative rather than purchasing a new one, in particular because of its prompt availability.

The Bolzoni Group supports customers with solutions to save money on investments without renouncing Bolzoni’s equipment efficiency and quality. The new portal offers a wide range of Bolzoni Auromo and Meyer original equipment.

Each attachment is carefully checked and refurbished after every hire. Each used or rental product is inspected, reconditioned and tested according to the highest quality standards, becoming a convenient alternative to purchasing a new product.

After the reconditioning process, the attachment will have the appearance and quality as expected from an OEM with a guarantee of a 12-month warranty.

Whether the need is to purchase a reconditioned attachment or, to face a short- or medium-term rental, Bolzoni says it provides the best solution to meet all industries special requirements.

Through the European-wide network of workshops with support and aftersales service, Bolzoni is able to offer a localised 360° support, from commercial consultancy to preventative maintenance, throughout the period of use. Bolzoni is the qualified partner not only to purchase or to rent used and brand-new products, but also to sell and to trade-in no longer used attachments. Instead of being wasted, the used ones will be reconditioned to replenish the Bolzoni Rental & Used fleet.

Choosing the Bolzoni’s Rental & Used service means a fast and efficient way of solving downtime or bridging peak demands within production facilities and logistic chains. A wide range of attachment on stock is available for shipping either the same day or within 24 hours.

The reconditioned attachments follow a strict multiphase process to fit in the quality standards that characterise Bolzoni’s products. Upon return, every used unit undergoes a reconditioning process, which includes cleaning and preliminary inspections. Once the equipment overall conditions are taken into consideration, the appropriate level of maintenance to refurbish and replace all wear parts is defined. Finally, in the painting and assembly phase, each product receives its final touch that makes it almost impossible to be distinguished from a new one.

And only after having successfully passed the stringent tests of the Bolzoni quality process, the attachment is placed back into stock ready for its next assignment.

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