Bowe Intralogistics and Plus One Robotics Partner

BOWE Intralogistics and Plus One Robotics, two innovators in the intralogistics market, announced a collaboration at ProMat Chicago that will enable customers to seamlessly combine Plus One Robotics’ industry-leading parcel induction systems with BOWE’s innovative line of parcel sorting solutions that are widely deployed in the e-commerce fulfilment and parcel delivery markets.

One of the most difficult jobs in today’s logistics environment is handling the tonnage of parcels that are manually inducted into sortation systems. This problem is more acute during peak periods where it is even more critical that automation assets such as sorters achieve their maximum efficiency and throughput. Plus One’s induction systems automate the task of “feeding” or “inducting” parcels into the sorter. Plus One’s induction systems can be readily integrated into existing BOWE sorters or bundled in the sale of new sorting systems. Further, BOWE IQ’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS) can help integrate the data and workflows between these complementary solutions.

Plus One provides the industry’s fastest and most reliable parcel-handling robotics platform. With more than 700 million picks in production, Plus One’s solutions are utilized by some of the world’s largest parcel-post and e-commerce companies. Plus One’s innovative AI-powered software with unique end-of-arm grippers provides the perception and manipulation necessary to pick and place parcels. Key to Plus One’s effectiveness is its unparalleled approach to human-in-the-loop software. Remote or on-premise employees can supervise multiple robots from any location, speeding the robot’s ability to handle exceptions, enabling 24/7 operations. This approach improves productivity and provides ergonomic benefits to the laborious task of feeding parcels.

“We are excited to announce this non-exclusive partnership with BOWE INTRALOGISTICS,” said Robert Nilsson, Chief Revenue Officer at Plus One. “While our solutions can be implemented independently as an upgrade or as part of a total system offering, our collaboration with BOWE helps ensure a seamless integration between BOWE INTRALOGISTICS’s sorters and Plus One’s induction systems, thus yielding the maximum possible efficiency gain for our mutual customers.”

“BOWE INTRALOGISTICS is embracing robots to make our existing solutions more effective,” said Joachim Koschier, Managing Director of the BOWE GROUP. “We will do this by providing turnkey solutions incorporating Plus One’s robotic induction systems to dramatically lower manual labour and increase throughputs. For high-volume operators, our portfolio of sorters offers the best return and maximum facility throughputs.”

John Lombard, President of BOWE USA & CANADA, added: “At ProMat, we showcased our parcel sorting products and our Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions that automate the movement of products, parcels and the like, to and from the sorter, thus offering additional productivity gains. We expect that the combination of the Plus One induction systems and BOWE AMRs can reduce operating labour requirements on our sorters by over 50%, more during peak periods while increasing hourly capacity and throughput.”

“Together, Plus One and BOWE are providing a unique solution that delivers higher throughput rates and lower operational costs for warehouses and distribution centres,” said Erik Nieves, Chief Executive Office at Plus One. “We are thrilled to bring these versatile technologies to shared customers.”

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