BW Retail replaces manual picking with Descartes solution

Descartes Systems Group, a global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, has announced that Michigan, US-based BW Retail, a leading ecommerce marketing, fulfilment and data analytics service provider, replaced manual pick, pack and ship practices with Descartes’ integrated ecommerce warehouse management and shipping solution to efficiently scale fulfilment operations and improve customer satisfaction.

“BW Retail has grown rapidly to become an industry leader in end-to-end ecommerce retail brand management and logistics operations. As we expanded from one warehouse in Michigan to additional locations in Georgia and Ontario, Canada, things we used to be able to do manually we no longer could,” said Christopher Ball, Chief Executive Officer at BW Retail. “We needed to have more real-time visibility into fulfilment across our facilities and to reduce efforts to manage inventory. With over one million shipments annually today, the Descartes solution has been essential to our growth, helping us gain greater control and improve the efficiency of our operations.”

Descartes’ ecommerce warehouse management solution helps ecommerce services providers, like BW Retail, direct-to-consumer brands and ecommerce retailers gain significant efficiencies across order fulfilment processes to improve the customer experience. It helps retailers ship the right items on time, prevents overselling of existing inventory, and provides full transparency into warehouse operations. The cloud-based solution is pre-integrated with major ecommerce platforms, like Channel Advisor, Shopify Plus, Magento and others, to accelerate implementation and time to value.

Descartes solution integrates with WMS

Descartes’ multi-carrier shipping solution is integrated with its ecommerce warehouse management solution to seamlessly execute the entire ecommerce fulfilment process, improving accuracy and productivity, reducing order lead-time, and minimising shipping costs. The quick-to-deploy solution allows businesses to grow their shipping volume through advanced automation capabilities, a powerful business rules engine, and a robust set of APIs for rating, shipping and tracking. The solution also connects ecommerce companies to their parcel and LTL carriers of choice using negotiated rates or using rate discounts available through the platform.

“We’re pleased to help BW Retail improve fulfilment performance across its growing operations with our ecommerce warehouse and shipping solution,” said Troy Graham, VP Business Development at Descartes. “For ecommerce service providers and retailers alike, the combined solution drives fast, accurate warehouse and shipping workflows and this type of operational excellence in fulfilment translates into a great customer experience.”

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