CakeBoxx makes executive team appointment

CakeBoxx Technologies has appointed digital supply chain expert James Blom to its executive team. Building on CakeBoxx Technologies’ record year-over-year growth in 2020 (200%) and 2021 (260%), Blom’s appointment follows the announcements of CakeBoxx’s new COO, James Campbell, and new CTO, Sean Tan.

With this expanded executive team, the company says it is well-positioned for 2023 to accelerate its leadership in specialised supply chain platforms and container solutions for renewable energy, defence, and critical infrastructure projects associated with autonomous transportation and automation.

“We have seen unprecedented demand across multiple industries for our specialised transportation platforms,” said Daine Eisold, Founder and CEO of CakeBoxx Technologies. “With our reputation for integrated systems engineered modular, intermodal transport and storage platforms in the wind energy and defence sectors, we are naturally gravitating toward the exciting autonomous naval, aerospace, and uncrewed vehicle systems industries to develop advanced transportation solutions for their high-value, mission-critical programmes.

“We are now being asked to reimagine container and supply chain transportation holistically. This involves everything from rearchitecting container cargo operations, intermodal facilities, transloading and warehousing, to evolving the performance of global digital supply chain platforms. By integrating advances in supply chain visibility, tracking, and real-time intelligence software for shipping and logistics with physical, unmanned, automated, robotic, and hybrid autonomous transportation systems, we can make tremendous strides in the overall utility and value of complete global supply chain assets.

“Jim Blom is an incredibly talented, multi-dimensional systems thinker and visionary. I have worked with him over the past two decades in maritime cargo security, transportation performance logistics, and supply chain visibility, relying heavily on his guidance and mentoring. After years of incubation, CakeBoxx Technologies has matured to a stage of development where Jim’s abilities can be fully incorporated and will have a profound effect on our growth.

“It was an easy decision for the Board and I to ask Jim to join our team to scale our business model and growth strategy. By adding Jim as our CRO, we will accelerate our FY22 -FY25 revenues with new shipping solutions and third-party logistics platform offerings that provide unprecedented advances in performance, automation, and artificial intelligence.”

CakeBoxx Technologies has evolved its intrinsically simple, incredibly effective two-piece shipping container design for over more than a decade, providing safe transport for numerous specialised assets of strategic importance. This includes an increasingly complex array of both out-of-gauge and in-gauge cargos, superloads such as wind turbines and gearboxes, jet engines, uncrewed systems, and sensitive communications and sensor systems. CakeBoxx solutions offer the industry’s strongest and lightest weight customised shipping decks and platforms, with or without CakeBoxx’s protective lid.

“CakeBoxx Technologies has built a strong base of government and Fortune 500 customers by developing innovative solutions to overcome some of the world’s most challenging shipping issues while also meeting the highest standards of performance, security, and sustainability,” said CakeBoxx Technologies Board member, Michael Quinn. “Jim Blom is a seasoned operations leader, and subject matter expert in the shipping, transportation, and logistics industries – his addition to the executive leadership team is a very strategic move for the company.

“His technology expertise and supply chain experience applying cloud computing, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and edge computing to address global supply chain disruption, port congestion, and last-mile logistics delivery will enable CakeBoxx Technologies to scale its revenue operations and expand the company’s growth into new marketplaces and ecosystems.”

As CRO, Blom will lead revenue operations focused on CakeBoxx’s product development, sales, and field operations, overseeing CakeBoxx’s GTM, technology partnerships, and strategic alliances.

Blom’s mandate will include growing market share in environmental sustainability, focusing on the renewable energy and regenerative food systems industries. Blom will also take on CakeBoxx’s pioneering work for Boeing and Lockheed Martin, evolving its defence and aerospace portfolio and revenues in C4ISR and the uncrewed and autonomous transportation industries.

Blom commented: “Re-imagining the modern shipping container and re-architecting intermodal and last-mile delivery supply chains helps industries accelerate attainment of their global climate and Net Zero sustainability targets. Thanks to our distinguished reputation as a tier-one systems engineering firm, we have an unprecedented opportunity to provide value. Addressing sustainability and carbon reduction initiatives has never been more important. CakeBoxx Technologies’ ability to combine adaptive automation, intelligent, connected, and high-performance systems design with SAFETY Act level security is a defining capability for shippers and 3PLs with sustainability goals.”

CakeBoxx products and advanced supply chain systems engineering services are available to companies, governments, NGOs, and other organisations worldwide seeking to transform their transportation efficiency, lower total cost of ownership, build resilience, and improve safety, security, and sustainability in their supply chain operations.


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