Carbon Reporting Technology for Greener Road Transport

Coyote Logistics is increasing its efforts to make road transport greener by incorporating innovative carbon reporting technology from Pledge, a carbon reporting platform for freight forwarders, into its operations. This move represents another important step towards building a more environmentally friendly future for logistics.

By integrating Pledge’s GLEC-accredited and ISO 14083-aligned carbon reporting technology, Coyote Logistics will offer its customers a clear picture of the emissions produced by their supply chains. This initiative underscores Coyote’s commitment to environmental responsibility as the Amsterdam-based 3PL company is not only dedicated to providing top-quality logistics solutions; but also focused on moving the road transport industry towards a more sustainable future.

To meet the sustainability demands in this sector, they are actively working to reduce road transport emissions across Europe. This approach is consistent with Coyote’s customer values of driving more sustainable road freight by optimizing routes, implementing fuel-saving driving techniques and using zero-emission vehicles.

Carbon Reporting Technology

Environmental considerations play a key role when choosing a logistics service provider. By choosing Pledge, Coyote offers its customers a reliable foundation on which to entrust their green logistics requirements and enables them to comprehensively report emissions across their logistics operations, helping them make choices consistent with their environmental goals.

Joep Kusters, SVP Head of Europe at Coyote Logistics, emphasizes the active role in shaping a greener future: “We do more than just dream of a more sustainable future; we are actively building it. Our work with Pledge demonstrates our shared commitment to caring for the environment. This is a significant step towards creating a healthier planet for future generations.”

David de Picciotto, CEO and Co-founder of Pledge, said: “Coyote Logistics is leading the way in sustainable road freight in Europe by implementing some of the most ambitious green initiatives in the industry. Integrating our GLEC-accredited and ISO 14083-aligned carbon reporting technology will further facilitate their ambitious climate goals, offering customers a clear picture of their supply chain emissions and the insights they need to reduce them. We’re excited to witness the positive impact working together will have for sustainable logistics.”

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