Cargo Expreso uses LogiNext technology to increase market share

Cargo Expreso, a Grupo Almo company in the business of delivering parcels and couriers in Central America, has partnered with LogiNext, a global logistics deep tech company. The main driver of this partnership is to accelerate its digital transformation and deliver a superior customer experience, a process that is led by KPMG.

As a part of this collaboration with LogiNext, Cargo Expreso will implement a state-of-the-art transportation automation platform on top of its existing processes, to speed up operations, from the receipt of a package to the delivery to the recipient. The Oracle CX CRM technology will be connected in real time to LogiNext and Oracle ERP, which will facilitate the customer journey, optimising and digitising parcel delivery and added services.

“The customer is at the centre of our entire strategy. In this new digital age, we needed to take this step and implement technologies that allow us to provide a better experience to our customers. We started this transformation some years ago and today, in partnership with LogiNext, Oracle and KPMG, we continue this process by adopting new technologies that can easily fit existing systems and that will contribute to the growth of the company,” expressed Mario Tejada, Chief Executive Officer, Grupo Almo.

The Post and Parcel industry has an estimated value around $400 billion in 2020 and is growing at 8-10% annually. eCommerce has grown exponentially, and this has given a huge impetus to digitisation in the Courier, Express and Parcel industry, using digital automated transportation management systems to improve operational efficiency and pave the way for the future of parcel delivery.

“Most of our clients, including Cargo Expreso, have a large network of their own carriers built over the years. Bringing in all the stakeholders like their shippers, carriers, drivers, dispatchers and the end customers is almost always the first priority.

“What we have been able to achieve in a short term and a relatively low cost of technology is truly unparalleled and sets the tone for the future of the Courier, Express and Parcel industry,” says Dinesh Dixit, Vice President of Account Excellence at LogiNext.


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