Case study: efficient labelling for packages

Etra Oy wanted to optimise labelling in its huge logistical centre in Finland, specifically for packages of bolts and screws it offers in all available sizes. Its huge stock of pre-printed labels kept growing along with its offering, and increased labelling efficiency became a necessity. In response, Brady helped Etra to optimise a huge stock of pre-printed labels.

Integrated high volume full colour label printer

Brady proposed the VP750 Label Printer that can quickly print huge volumes of high definition full-colour paper labels. The capabilities of the printer enable many on-site package label design options, both to identify and trace the contents of the package, and for marketing and branding purposes. Pictures, logos, barcodes, serial numbers and colours can easily be included.

Brady also supplied a number of rolls with custom-sized labels that fit any of Etra’s screw and bolt packages. These are easily recognised by the printer and the software Etra uses to avoid label design errors.

In addition, Brady technical experts supported the installation of the VP750 Label Printer and integrated it with Etra’s ERP-system and existing workflow. When bolts or screws are repackaged, their number and type per box are entered in the system, along with the number of boxes, and these data can be reused to print the labels on the VP750. A label rewinder was added to the printer and neatly printed label rolls can easily be inserted in Etra’s existing label applicator.

Racks of labels replaced by a few blank rolls

A small number of custom-sized labels on rolls, perfectly fit for the VP750 Label Printer, now replace huge stocks of labels with different pre-prints in Etra’s logistical centre. Operators no longer need to search for the right label.

After checking label size, any pre-designed data is easily and quickly printed with great accuracy on full-colour labels with the VP750 Label Printer. Adding colours and changing the look of a label is much easier and faster than before. The VP750 Label Printer brings highly practical flexibility in label design and implementation to the workspace.


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