Clean Motion launches solar delivery vehicle

Clean Motion has officially launched its electric solar delivery vehicle, EVIG. It will now be possible to configure and order the vehicle using Clean Motion’s own fleet configurator on its website with delivery scheduled for Q1 2023.

The company has also revealed its new “ground-breaking” fleet calculator making it possible to calculate both cost and emissions from the fleet and compare it with conventional EVs.

Clean Motion says EVIG is the answer to the critical need for electric delivery vehicles for cities. It is optimised for last-mile deliveries in urban environments, able to carry anything from pallets and packages to post and food. Its manufacturer says it is for things that need to be moved in cities with minimal impact.

It has been carefully developed based on market needs. In Europe there are over 16 million LCVs operating in cities, mostly running on fossil fuels. With the new vehicle EVIG, Clean Motion says it intends to set a new standard for city delivery and urban utility vehicles.

EVIG takes energy efficiency to a new level by having the lightest vehicle weight to cargo volume on the market. Its key features include:

  • 2.5 cu m cargo space for maximised utilisation
  • 2.5 sq m solar roof for minimal dependence on charging infrastructure
  • Low weight for optimised energy efficiency and long range
  • Battery range up to 200km
  • Prices starting at €10,900

The company has also released its new fleet calculator where customers can compare and calculate costs and emissions of their fleet and compare it with conventional electric vehicles.

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