Cloud-based Labelling, Marking and Coding

Seagull Scientific supplies software to design, print, mark and code labels, RFID tags, products, and packaging. Its BarTender Cloud™ allows users to print labels in the cloud. But until now, they had to design those labels using on-premise software.

As of today, the launch of BarTender Cloud Designer allows businesses to design as well as print their labels in the cloud. Users can access all of BarTender’s label design features from their browser without having to install any software. With a proven easy-to-use design interface and integrated wizard-driven tools, users can quickly create any label with no design experience or the need for additional training.

Industry Commentary

Harold Boe, CEO of Seagull Scientific says: “True design-and-print cloud labelling is finally here. As organizations undertake digital transformation initiatives and move their labelling to the cloud, being able to design labels without on-premise software was the last critical step. The launch of BarTender Cloud Designer is another step in our company’s commitment to providing user-friendly, cost-effective solutions for our customers. We took the BarTender Label Designer that everyone loves and optimized it for usage in the Cloud.”

Industry expert John Wirthlin, Principal Owner of Tip of the Spear Consulting LLC, says: “The BarTender Cloud Designer is a revolutionary and innovative cloud version of the label designer already used throughout the supply chain in all industries. BarTender Cloud with the new integrated BarTender Cloud Designer makes labelling even easier – users can create, manage and print their labels all from the cloud.”

Hans Lissens, a labelling expert with Zetes, a leader in European auto identification and capture solutions and a major BarTender reseller partner says: “My customers will receive five significant advantages from a 100% cloud-based labelling solution:

– Eliminate inefficiencies – they can create, manage, and print all their labels with a single seamless solution – no more creating labels on a desktop and uploading to the cloud for printing.
– Accelerate time-to-first print – with access to pre-defined label template libraries, including industry standard templates like GS1 and Walmart RFID, and modern cloud-based design tools with intuitive interfaces, they can quickly create and print labels with little or no training.
– Lower IT costs – a 100% cloud-based system means no client-based on-premise hardware or software required, eliminating associated purchase and support costs.
– Eliminate programming costs – with pre-built data connectors, no-code connectivity, and true REST API.
– High-performance printing and management – optimized printing to over 8,000 industrial, marking and coding printers along with defining permissions and roles, monitoring print and usage history, and ensuring regulatory compliance all from the cloud.”

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