Cloud-based software helps boost warehouse efficiency

To ensure warehouses work at maximum capacity, safe in the knowledge they can manage forklift battery and charging stations both easily and reliably, Exide Technologies has launched its new cloud-based system, Motion+ Fleet.

The new fleet management tool transforms logistics into detailed real-time data. It allows warehouse managers to turn their gut instincts into facts and make informed decisions on battery use – from anywhere in the world.

Motion+ Fleet helps users to run their warehouses more efficiently by:

  • Monitoring real-time condition and status of individual batteries, such as running times, amp usage and load, with easy-to-read traffic light style reports
  • Receiving automatically generated alerts by e-mail, if a battery isn’t working at peak performance
  • Maximising uptime by anticipating imminent issues. This means the user can take immediate action and avoid both disruption and frustration
  • Efficiently managing a site’s energy consumption, such as avoiding energy peaks when charging, and, therefore, stabilising costs
  • Overall, optimising total cost of ownership, simplifying processes and preventing errors with Motion+ Fleet

What’s more, the complete digitalisation of data not only allows users to manage all operations centrally from one location, but, thanks to the co-operation of a leading cloud supplier, it also protects the security of their assets.

The right solution for every customer’s needs

Available as Essential, Premium and Ultimate packages, depending on individual needs, the Ultimate option is perfect for businesses with multiple sites, as it gives the customer the choice of managing an unlimited number of chargers, which is unique in the market.

With more than a decade of experience in developing fleet management systems, Exide knows what customers require: responding to the efficiency demands placed on warehouses and helping them reach their targets. This new and sophisticated fleet management tool allows warehouses to stay in Motion+.

Magnus Ohlsson, Motive Power Business Director EMEA at Exide Technologies, said: “Motion+ Fleet is the perfect solution for customers to control their whole warehouse with just a few clicks! It manages the efficiency of their charger and battery fleets, no surprises, so they can focus on other topics and let the system do the hard work.”

Tested and validated in the real world

A leading dealer of sanitary, heating and bathroom supplies in Germany has put Motion+ Fleet through its paces and a company spokesperson commented on the positive impacts the tool has made: “Thanks to Motion+ Fleet, we have been able to monitor and plan our new battery orders much better and have not ordered batteries unnecessarily, thereby saving money.”

Globalisation is changing the world. Warehouse managers are faced with the challenge of constantly rethinking the efficiency of their business. To do this, they need flexible intralogistics solutions at the highest level to solve tomorrow’s tasks today.

Exide Technologies is working on up-to date products and solutions, so customers can continue to keep pace as the world evolves. Motion+ Fleet is the flagship product of the upcoming new Motion+ Smart Tools series, designed to offer customers innovative digital and cloud-based solutions, as well as other value-added tools and services around industrial batteries and chargers.


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