Cognex launches bottom-side barcode reader with 99.9% accuracy

Cognex Corporation recently introduced the DataMan 470 Bottom-Side Barcode Reading System. With an area-scan-based approach, the system quickly and accurately reads codes on packages with face-down labels, making it ideal for solving high-speed, complex material handling applications in retail distribution and e-commerce fulfilment centres.

“As online shoppers increasingly expect same or next-day delivery, retailers are under pressure to increase throughput as orders move through supply chains and logistics channels,” said Carl Gerst, Cognex Executive Vice President. “By extending barcode reading coverage to the underside of the box, the DataMan 470 Bottom-Side Reading System ensures the right products get routed to the right customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

The Cognex Bottom-Side Barcode Reading System deciphers 1D and 2D codes faster than traditional line scan technology, which builds the entire image before decoding, causing packages to travel longer distances. By capturing images and executing patented algorithms simultaneously, Cognex readers deliver faster results while reducing the distance between the reader and the divert. Additionally, expanding scan coverage to the bottom side of packages yields higher read rates that reduce manual manipulation and rework costs. The system offers the capability to reads codes on the underside of packages with 99.9% accuracy.

Positioned under the conveyor and weighing just 16kg (35 lbs), the Cognex Bottom-Side Barcode Reading System uses DataMan 470 barcode readers to decipher codes as packages pass over a gap in the belt. The compact system can be installed individually or as part of a multi-sided tunnel in just 30 minutes.

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