Creating Safe Conveyor Transitions

At LogiMAT this year Flexco Europe will showcase innovative solutions for safe belt conveyor transport. LogiMAT 2024 will take place in Stuttgart from March 19th to 21st. Flexco Europe is a specialist for mechanical belt conveyor fastening systems and will once again focus on its transfer solutions at this year’s trade show. The new transfer plates for roller conveyors will be showcased together with the proven segmented transfer plates. Flexco Europe will be demonstrating how the individual solutions are used in Hall 5, Stand 5G52, using a demonstration model.

At LogiMAT, Flexco Europe will present its new roller conveyor transfer plates (RCTP) to a specialist public. The RCTPs can be installed in belt driven, line shaft driven, chain-driven and motorized drive roller conveyors. This solution ensures that envelopes, polybags, and small parcels do not get lost between the rollers – a common problem in conveyor systems. The RCTP covers the gap between two rollers. With the new solution, conveyors are not only more productive, but also safer, because employees no longer have to reach between the rollers to pull out products, reducing the risk of injury. The roller conveyor transfer plates are suitable for large quantities of packaged products that can differ greatly, ranging from soft and flexible to dense and compact.

Visitors to the trade show will also see Flexco’s Segmented Transfer Plates for conveyor systems. With a low coefficient of friction, they work together to provide reliable transfer points where items can easily slide from belt to belt or to the transfer hopper to transport packages and cartons safely. Conveyed material frequently accumulates at transfer points and falls to the ground, especially at airports. This can damage the contents of packages. The Segmented Transfer Plates allow the material to slide easily over the transfer plate. Flexco Europe has two transfer plate variants, suitable for belts of up to 1,524 millimeters and gaps of 100 250 or 38 75 millimeters. The bright yellow color of the segments helps maintenance personnel monitor them and replace them quickly if necessary.

Flexco Europe will also exhibit another practical solution for transferring conveyed material safely – ‘Hitch Guard’. The Hitch Guard ensures that no small objects can become lodged at the critical points of the conveyor belts, preventing damage to the belt. If foreign bodies become lodged along the belt profile, individual segments become detached from the support bar. However, the other segments do not move. The result is a high level of operational efficiency. The segments are easy to install. Flexco Europe can also provide an optional mounting design if optical scanners are used in the systems.

The supplier will use a belt model at the trade fair to demonstrate how the Segmented Transfer Plates, the Hitch Guard on the conveyor belt, and the new Transfer Plates for roller belt conveyors work in actual practice. The various solutions are designed to work together.

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