Custom-made Package Roll Containers for Polish Post

Wanzl has won yet another major order from the Polish postal service. Since last year, Poland’s universal postal service provider has been transporting its parcels in 3,500 containers designed, produced and delivered by Wanzl. The new package roll container is based on the roll container’s previous design, which has now been further optimised. Now it’s perfect for automatic sorting machines because it’s easy to load from above. This is made possible by the folding wire lid, which is folded backwards during loading. The central wire shelf also folds out. The fully enclosed design offers increased anti-theft protection for transported goods. The 4-wing wire mesh door can also be secured with a padlock or a lead seal.

The roll container’s locking mechanism ensures safe loading and unloading. When this is actuated, two feet are extended to prevent the container from rolling away. This feature is particularly advantageous on truck beds. For convenient operation and manoeuvring of the package roll container, employees can manually convert two of the four swivel castors, which are otherwise locked by a directional brake for directional stability, back to swivel castors.

All these tailor-made features result in faster repacking times and faster truck loading. As a result, the Polish postal service is able to make much quicker deliveries between its various distribution centres. It is easier for employees to load and transport the container, whether full or empty, in a more ergonomic way.

Package Roll Containers

Compliance with the short delivery time of just a few months was only possible thanks to the excellent and close cooperation between the various Wanzl teams and the project management team at the Polish postal service. In order to keep transport routes as short as possible and thus ensure more sustainable and punctual deliveries, the new package roll containers were designed in Germany and then manufactured at Wanzl’s Czech site.

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