Delivering to a security-sensitive site

A global outsourcing giant required a secure logistics model that adhered to the specific requirements of the Olympic Games and the G8 Conferences – two of the most security-sensitive events in the world. Given the critical nature of these events, maintaining operational delivery models was near impossible.

Working collaboratively with the client, security agencies and delivery partners, NSC Global’s highly skilled, certified field engineers and logistics managers created innovative technical solutions, to provide a full suite of impenetrable onsite resources, including security-cleared equipment deliveries and pre-cleared engineers based on site – ensuring zero downtime.

The results:

  • NSC Global enabled millions of viewers around the world to receive live feeds, broadcasts and rolling news, uninterrupted
  • Ensured security for the events was never at risk within NSC Global’s sphere of influence
  • Achieved zero downtime for these critical events

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