Dendro promises workshop safety and time savings

Swedish company Dendro Lift has been developing and producing reliable and robust lifting jacks for vehicles for more than fifty years. This proven technology and quality, which guarantees a long service life for all devices, is also used in the unique Dendro DSS2.

Dendro says its DSS2 high and electric pallet truck revolutionises daily work in workshops by making work much easier, combined with a maximum increase in occupational safety. Uncomfortable posture is a thing of the past – with the DSS2 you can work safely, ergonomically and efficiently.

The Dendro DSS2 Lift has been specifically designed to safely and easily lift a powered pallet truck for easier access to the engine, batteries, brakes and suspension. Due to its practical and flexible design, the Dendro DSS2 is easy to use and can be used for most pallet trucks up to a maximum weight of 2,500kg.

Another plus point is that installation at a specific work location in the workshop is not necessary; the DSS2 is used where it is needed. Safe, fast and efficient. Elaborate and additional work steps, especially in the area of securing, are eliminated with the Dendro DSS2, enabling maximum time savings.

Dendro says its DSS2 is unique on the market and a real game-changer for every workshop. The possible uses are diverse: from (simple) forklift repairs, in logistics companies, in warehouses or in industry. Custom-made lifting devices, specially developed lifts for counterbalanced trucks or custom-made jackstands for 3 to 60 tonnes can also be implemented.

Thanks to the robust and proven construction as well as the built-in automatic lubrication, the lift is extremely low-maintenance. The long-term supply of spare parts from Dendro also ensures trouble-free operation.

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