Descartes helps Blue Sky grow e-Commerce

Descartes Systems Group, a leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, has announced that New Mexico-based grocery and convenience item distributor Blue Sky Distribution is managing rapid e-Commerce growth and extreme peaks in order volumes using the Descartes OzLink Mobile Warehouse solution.

Fully integrated with NetSuite ERP, the Descartes solution helped Blue Sky to scale fulfilment while leveraging granular operational data to optimise returns management, sales forecasting and warehouse staff retention initiatives.

“We pride ourselves on providing customers with quality products and premium services – delivering goods on time and maintaining high fill rates to satisfy customer expectations,” said Robert Poole, CEO and President, Blue Sky Distribution. “As our e-Commerce business began to skyrocket, especially during intense seasonal spikes in demand, the Descartes solution allowed us to manage the growing volume and ensure a positive customer experience.

“Using Descartes OzLink, we replaced manual picking with mobile, barcode-enabled fulfilment workflows that increased efficiency, boosted performance and ensured the right items, in the right quantity, leave our warehouse in a timely manner. We also now have deep operational visibility into critical picking, receiving, and returns data – such as category and vendor fill rates, and insights into how many orders each employee picked – to improve inventory control, forecast more accurately, and enable us to offer incentive-based remuneration to warehouse staff to bolster retention.”

Descartes OzLink Mobile Warehouse helps distribution-intensive companies streamline and scale the order fulfilment process to drive growth and manage peak season volumes while minimising warehouse costs. With efficient and accurate order picking, companies reap the rewards of increased productivity and an elevated customer experience.

“We’re pleased to help Blue Sky effectively scale its fulfilment operations for its rapidly expanding ecommerce business,” said Troy Graham, Vice President, Ecommerce at Descartes. “Our growing suite of e-Commerce solutions facilitates logistics excellence from sale to delivery, helping distributors and retailers grow e-Commerce revenue and profitably scale their warehouse and shipping operations.”


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