Digital Training Software Enters Market

Software start-up has successfully launched its digital training software for logistics providers in the US market. Spanning from pre-onboarding over orientation and health and safety up to job-related skills and work instructions, companies using the software can put their entire staff training process on autopilot while increasing safety and quality in their operations – and reducing costs and efforts at the same time.

The first US-based user is ColdTrack (formerly NutriFresh Services), one of the fastest growing private companies in the US, who specializes in perishable e-commerce fulfillment and shipping services.

ColdTrack, headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, will train more than 350 staff members at various facilities across the country, including: forklift drivers, order pickers, warehouse staff, and corporate employees in the areas of goods receipt, order entry, shipment tracking, and customer support.

For Andreas Kwiatkowski, co-founder and managing director of the German start-up, the product launch in the United States is a logical step: “We are globally oriented and growing in various regions. Thanks to ColdTrack, we have now taken the first step in entering the US market. Here, we want to set up a permanent team to provide local support for all our existing and future American customers.”

As a fast-growing company focused on innovation, ColdTrack used a momentum of change, including a new visual identity and name change from NutriFresh Services, to also take a tech-forward approach to their training programs while migrating to a new Warehouse Management System (WMS). ColdTrack discovered’s software to boost the training and comprehension of their new company-wide processes.

“Our requirement was to provide consistent training for all of our warehouse personnel. After looking at a number of software platforms, we ultimately selected because of the user-friendly, intuitive interface and the presentation of training materials using text, images, and video content across a wide range of languages,” explains ColdTrack CTO, James Maes.

The first implementation stage has already been completed portraying the most immediate training needs. In this stage, the ColdTrack training programs were transferred into’s software and each training unit was broken into sequences of approximately 15 minutes. Examples for training sequences include: the overall functionality of the new WMS, the scanner as an important work tool, and the presentation of the location and orientation for new employees. The next stage includes adding content around ColdTrack’se overall business goals with a focus on compliance, safety training, and advanced training on quality assurance and operational efficiencies.

ColdTrack has completed initial test runs with’s digital training tool and received positive employee feedback in terms of user-friendliness and user experience. Maes is enthusiastic: “With the flexible trainings, we are saving about 30 percent of time while onboarding new staff members. And weekly recurring trainings for existing team members has increased our productivity by roughly 10 percent. ”

Before the end of the first quarter, 60 employees will initially work within the newly implemented training software. Over the remainder of 2023,’s trainings will be rolled out to the entire team consisting of all 350 staff members. To this end, the training content will be individually tailored to each ColdTrack facility.


In 2023 it is’s goal to build on this strategic partnership and to further develop its opportunities on the US market. Supporting internationally leading companies across Europe already, now aims at transforming how warehouse workers are onboarded, trained, and upskilled in the United States – and at the same time help American logistics and supply chain companies increase productivity and reduce costs.

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