Digital trucking platform driveMybox expands

Hamburg-based startup driveMybox more than doubled its sales in 2021 compared to the previous year and is on a strong expansion course. The online platform has succeeded in expanding container transport to the Northern and Western ports as well as the German hinterland hubs.

Through the expansion of the digital platform and thanks to the high commitment of the employees in the daily operations, the team of driveMybox was able to ensure the high demand for container transport and satisfaction for customers and service providers.

Aaron Spandehra, CBDO, points out: “June to December 2021 was more than satisfactory for us. In addition to strong organic growth, we made important strategic progress and were thus able to establish further interesting partnerships. Moreover, the number of registrations, bookings and tours grew rapidly on the customer and service provider side. Through our existing and new customers, we were able to further expand the business and significantly increase revenue.”

The intuitive and user-friendly digital platform was launched in Germany in 2020. It offers an all-in-one solution for containerised transport: the entire transport process from price request to scheduling to invoicing is digitised – in just a few clicks, any company that wants to have a container transported by truck can book a transport via the platform.

The registered service providers, on the other hand, are getting the optimised transport orders directly on their smartphones via push notifications, so that they can accept trips flexibly and on their own responsibility.

The process is fast, simple and similar to booking a flight. Live tracking, automatic payment processing, direct communication and digital documents are just some of the advantages.

driveMybox handles the transport on its own responsibility and is thus a fixed contractual partner for both sides. Moreover, driveMybox provides more flexibility and transparency in container trucking and that even free of charge.

A recent customer survey proved that driveMybox is seen as a strong and reliable partner that can react flexibly to requests, even in times of strong fluctuations and disruptions in the supply chains.

“In recent months, we have primarily worked on developing value-added services for our customers and service providers and prepared the digital platform for international expansions,” says co-founder and CTO Dr. Leonard Heilig. “An important focus for 2022 is to enable sustainable container transports and to be able to react flexibly to changes in operational processes in an automated and intelligent way based on our AI. With new innovations, we want to enable, among other things, CO2-optimised or even zero-emission transport and create further added value, for example for customs clearance and equipment rental through cooperation with strong partners.”

In the meantime, driveMybox is not only on the road nationally, but also internationally. In addition to the Northern ports and inland hubs, this also includes the Western ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. The customer base includes shipping companies, intermodal companies, shippers and forwarders.

Heilig and Spandehra anticipate significant revenue growth in fiscal 2022 based on expected macroeconomic and industry-specific conditions. Focusing on the seven building blocks – market penetration, growth, expansion, innovation, operational efficiency, strong corporate values and sustainability – driveMybox aims to further expand the logistics tech company by early 2023.

To achieve the strategic goals, investments will be made especially in the further development of the platform as well as in the expansion itself. In addition, the focus will be placed on the sustainability of the platform and cooperation in the form of collaborations and partnerships will be intensified.


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