eBook: Upgrade Manual Labelling to Automatic

Logistics Business, in association with Toshiba TEC, have produced a new digital issue / eBook about labelling machines in the warehouse, featuring a new machine that replaces manual labelling operations with an automatic process. In this 6-page special, Editor Peter MacLeod interviews Toshiba TEC‘s European Products and Solutions Manager, Mike Keane, about the APLEX product and application.

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Whilst the technical specification of Toshiba Tec’s APLEX industrial labelling applicator speaks volumes, there is no-one better placed to take us for an access-all-areas tour of its capabilities than Mike Keane, a 35-year barcode and label printing veteran of the company.

Label smarter

“We’ve been there from the start when the industry first started doing location coding in warehousing and distribution, and over the last 35 years we’ve been supporting customers to do this with our technology. It is now moving to remote connectivity, with more and more systems being able to interact with the devices to provide the information. The devices themselves then have become increasingly clever to understand things like different languages and understanding data from different systems.”

Manual labelling to automatic

APLEX covers a wide array of today’s standard applications using a 4-inch wide printhead. It can apply up to 30 labels per minute. For carton labeling, 30 per minute is a high production level. So, at the end of the production line, where things are being packed into boxes, APLEX will cover most applications. The solution is also highly suitable for pallet labeling applications with a throughput of no more than two pallets per minute.

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