eCommerce packaging with the ‘wow’ factor

Smurfit Kappa says it aims to find the perfect packaging solutions for all kinds of businesses, no matter how big or small. From major brands to innovative start-ups, it offers customers support, creativity, and inventiveness to help create a packaging solution that meets their every need, which was the case when MESSIAH and EVE came to Smurfit Kappa Beacon for help with its DTC shipping packaging.

MESSIAH and EVE is a new multi-award winning vegan body care brand specialising in elevated fine fragrance body care essentials. It sells a range of body-dedicated creams and cleansers, hand wash and bath oil. As an eCommerce retailer, packaging is one of the most important parts of its product range.

Its products are purposefully and intentionally crafted to have a positive impact on the skin, the planet, and the communities within it. MESSIAH and EVE says it is committed to a journey of consideration in everything it does, and its packaging is no exception. It approached the Smurfit Kappa Beacon team hoping to find a supplier who could assist it in creating packaging which could safely ship its eCommerce orders and speed up its fulfilment production line, while also fitting with its company ethos.

Smurfit Kappa took on the challenge of producing the perfect packaging solutions for MESSIAH and EVE products, with the goal of creating sustainable eCommerce packaging which would ‘wow’ its customers and create a memorable unboxing experience. Not only that, but it was conscious of the speed of packing and ease of opening for their consumers. It needed packaging which would be super-easy to seal during the packing process and double as suitable gift packaging should its  customers be gifting orders.

One of the biggest challenges Smurfit Kappa faced when it started working on this project for MESSIAH and EVE was the sustainability element of the packaging. It knew this was a key focus for the brand, so it just had to get it right, but in a way that would not compromise on quality or customer experience. Smurfit Kappa considered the option of using 100% recycled board, but soon realised this would not be suitable with the high-end print design and self-seal tape to speed up the packing process.

Smurfit Kappa opted for a more premium board grade which was still sustainable while also offering a super high-print finish. The end packaging solution looked the part while also being FSC Mix and 100% recyclable: fitting hand -in-hand with its brand ethos. As well as being easily recyclable through household recycling channels, the MESSIAH and EVE packaging delivered the ‘wow’ factor during unboxing and perfectly encapsulated the luxury of the products inside.

As fast fulfilment packing was a priority for MESSIAH and EVE, Smurfit Kappa incorporated self-seal tape which allowed for a quick production line and created a secure postal solution for its products. The tape and rippa opening design offers a more modern experience than some of the other considered options, and creates an unboxing experience similar to other high-end eCommerce packs from worldwide brands. Self-seal tape is very simple for customers to open when their new items arrive on their doorstep and makes it easier for consumers to return products using the existing packaging. This reduces the amount of waste material, giving the packaging another purpose.

The finished product ticked all of MESSIAH and EVE’s boxes, and Smurfit Kappa says it delivered packaging which was not only a functional option but also a key marketing tool for the eCommerce brand.

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