ecommerce Shipping with Linerless Labelling Printers

BIXOLON Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of BIXOLON, the global manufacturer of advanced receipt, label and mobile printers, has partnered with the mail order and ecommerce retailer, Erwin Müller Versandhaus, to provide linerless labelling printers that improve operational efficiency and sustainability efforts during order fulfilment. The mail order, e-commerce home and houseware textile retailer has worked in conjunction with GreenForest IT GmbH and BIXOLON to acquire and install BIXOLON’s XL5-40CT Direct Thermal Linerless Printer with LCD Display and Serial and Ethernet Interfaces.

Efficient, eco-friendling label printing that improves shipping operations

Erwin Müller was founded in Germany in 1951. The family-run textile wholesaler has expanded over the years to become one of the leading mail order companies for home and household textiles. It has been trading online in the DACH region since 1997, and it scaled its operations internationally in 2009. The business is always considering how it can innovate and improve its proposition for customers. It identified an opportunity to enhance the internal operations of its e-commerce business – so an area it focused on improving centred on how its order fulfilment and shipping team could deploy more eco-friendly label printing.

With that in mind, Erwin Müller sought a better labelling printing solution that would enable it to reduce waste during printing (e.g. remove the need for liners); enable it to deal with historic challenges associated with media storage on printers; and to reduce the expensive purchasing costs related to the previous traditional liner label printing solution that it used, which printed goods receipts, transfers, production orders and item refinement. After considering printer options, Erwin Müller settled on a linerless labelling printing solution that could be seamlessly integrated with its existing shipping and order fulfilment system.

Speaking about the integration and upgrade, Andreas Straub, Head of IT, Erwin Müller Versandhaus GmbH says, “During the selection process, we had to consider factors such as compatibility of new technology and their existing systems, the availability of the required hardware and software and the overall feasibility of implementing the solution within our shipping department.”

Results: installing the BIXOLON XL5-40CT Direct Thermal Linerless printer system

Erwin Müller worked with system integrators Greenforest IT GmbH and BIXOLON to put together a tailored linerless printing solution for the retailer. Erwin Müller purchased the BIXOLON XL5-40CT Direct Thermal Linerless printer with LCD display, with Serial interface and Ethernet connection, capable printing at 203dpi print resolution. The printer is connected via an IP and configured to print from PCs running on a Windows system based in the warehouse.

Erwin Müller has successfully deployed the new labelling solution within its shipping department. The new printers drive efficiency gains and have reduced costs, contributing to the overall improvement of shipping. They also reduce waste and align with the company’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its labelling process during fulfilment.

Andreas Straub, Head of IT, Erwin Müller Versandhaus GmbH adds, “The implementation of the BIXOLON linerless printing solution has improved our shipping operations by increasing efficiency and speed, reducing waste and cutting down on operational costs. It contributes to a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective approach, positively impacting the company’s overall performance.”

Jay Kim, Managing Director, BIXOLON Europe GmbH says, “Erwin Müller is a leader in its field and it has been great for BIXOLON to help it improve the operational efficiency within its fulfilment centres during shipping through using our XL5-40CT Direct Thermal Linerless Printer. Labels and the printing thereof are so important as part of the shipping process for e-commerce retailers, and this applies to almost any warehouse and logistics environment.”

Kim goes onto say, “BIXOLON’s technological advancements and innovations are a key reason behind the selection of its printers by customers. Highlighted in products such as the XL5-40, BIXOLON holds the mechanical expertise to navigate the ongoing print and maintance complexities which are required when working with linerless adhesive media.”

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