Efficient Pallet Racking Project

In a significant step towards logistics efficiency, AR Racking is proud to announce the completion of its most recent pallet racking project in Columbia. This project, designed for SUCROAL S.A., a leading chemicals manufacturer, marks a milestone in the strategic collaboration between both companies.

The 1,850 m2 warehouse now houses an adjustable pallet racking system, providing the company with a total of 2,742 positions to optimise its inventory management. Located in Palmira, Valle del Cauca, the project adapts to the specific needs of this important customer.

Juan Martín Uribe, Competitiveness Manager at SUCROAL S.A. said: “The collaboration with AR Racking was positive to optimise our Distribution Centre. We were able to implement double-deep racking and additional support bars at key levels that have significantly boosted the safety and quality of our operations”.

Under the direction of AR Racking project manager, Edwar Suescun, a double-deep adjustable pallet racking system with 6 beam levels was implemented. The inclusion of two support bars per pallet on levels 4, 5 and 6 was a strategic approach resulting from a detailed analysis with the customer, ensuring a distribution perfectly in line with the logistics operations of finished products.

Pallet Racking Project

Suescun pointed out: “This project is not only an achievement for AR Racking, but it also underlines our continued commitment to excellence in industrial storage systems. The close collaboration with SUCROAL S.A. allowed precise customisation to meet its specific logistics needs”.

AR Racking is part of Grupo Arania, an industrial group of companies with extensive experience and scope, and with a multi-sectoral activity based on the transformation of steel that dates back more than 80 years. AR Racking provides the market with a wide range of solutions with high certified quality standards and a comprehensive project management service. AR Racking’s industrial storage systems stand out for their innovation, reliability and optimum efficiency.

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