Empowering BEV Driving Trainers

Today, the quality of road transportation services relies heavily on the skills and expertise of truck drivers. With educational programs, repeated training, and course upgrades, drivers can not only provide exceptional services to clients but also make the experience of logistics services smoother, more positive and professional. The same principle applies to sustainable transport solutions.

To equip the drivers of the largest asset-based company in Europe, Girteka, with the knowledge necessary to operate a battery-electric truck (BEV), knew that driver trainers had to be prepared first. They received individual training on BEV technology and daily utilization.

The company’s Drivers’ Academy trainers and truck drivers spoke with an expert from Volvo, and together reviewed one the manufacturer’s battery-electric trucks’ model. They also had the chance to test drive the truck and get familiar with the main differences and new features of the electric vehicle compared to a conventional diesel truck.

Comfortable Silence

“The electric truck made a huge impression. It does not feel like you are driving a truck; you almost do not hear anything,” says Singaras Čepaitis, Drivers Training Team Lead. The silence inside and outside the truck is one of the most mentioned differences between today’s battery-electric vehicles and trucks with an internal combustion engine (ICE). Trainers have concluded that BEVs provide a much better working environment, with less noise to interrupt or irritate drivers while delivering cargo.

“Driving the truck is very easy, as there are no significant differences. The control is very similar to a diesel truck, which will allow the driver to get used to the controls more quickly,” Čepaitis continues.

Continuous Learning

Maintaining a high level of proficiency among truck drivers is critical to delivering exceptional logistics services to clients. This requires not only thorough preparation and execution but also continuous collaboration with manufacturers and robust internal training programs.

“We understand that to achieve professional excellence, we must first empower our trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills. By working closely with manufacturers like Volvo, we ensure our trainers receive the most up-to-date information and hands-on experience with BEVs,” explains Andrius Žukauskas, Head of E-Mobility at Girteka.

This approach allows the trainers to effectively pass on their expertise to the rest of the company’s 12,000 drivers, ensuring they are well-prepared to operate these advanced vehicles.

Importance of Sustainable Solutions

The adoption of BEVs is a significant step towards sustainable logistics, necessitating the sector to be well-prepared for their effective use. Recognizing that the successful integration of BEVs into operations requires a comprehensive understanding of their capabilities and optimal usage strategies, Girteka reflects this in advanced training programs and by providing opportunities for real-life experiences.

“These training sessions are essential as we expand our BEV fleet, ensuring we maintain our high service standards. This initiative highlights our dedication to both environmental responsibility and professional excellence,” comments Žukauskas, adding that, “Empowering our trainers with the latest knowledge ensures that we are well-prepared to meet the evolving needs of our logistics operations and provide the best available customer experience.”

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