EVOFLEX: New Pallet-shuttle-system

With the introduction of the new ‘EVOFLEX’ system for dynamic pallet storage, Dambach Lagersysteme is responding to US customer requirements. Benefiting from experience with the Europe-wide established pallet-shuttle-system ‘MULTIFLEX’ and the improved ‘COMPACT SHUTTLE’, DAMBACH channelled its know-how in the new ‘EVOFLEX’ system.

With the introduction of ‘EVOFLEX’ to the U.S. market, customers can achieve a high pallet throughput in a very confined space, in addition to maximum flexibility in system design configuration. An added benefit is the optimized transfer of large load carriers processed by the ‘COMPACT SHUTTLE’. The smooth pallet transfer is realized without the need of an additional chain conveyor on the transport car ‘CARRIER’. This represents an evolution in pallet transfer, with the same system flexibility. Furthermore, the new ‘EVOLFEX’ is on par with ‘MULTIFLEX’ in terms of its scalability.

The new pallet shuttle system for the American market is composed of the key components: ‘CARRIER’, ‘COMPACT SHUTTLE’, ‘LIFT’ and the transfer unit. This combination allows multiple deep and highly dynamic storage of a wide variety of unit loads, ensuring an efficient and space-optimized storage concept.

New ideas, exceptional concepts and more than 45 years of experience with storage and retrieval machines. DAMBACH sees itself as a partner of system integrators and general contractors, helping to shape the future of automated warehouse systems.

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