Exporta launches new technologies

Exporta has installed two new pieces of technology at its Kinross manufacturing facility in the UK, which it says will be of huge benefit to its customer base.

Digital Printing Machine

Exporta says product branding is key to its customers – this could be five Euro Containers with a logo on the side or thousands of pallets with a logo and sequential numbering. Exporta has long been offering this service, but has installed a new digital printing machine in-house, meaning it can provide product printing quicker and to a higher standard.

Head of technology and product development, John Wilkin, has been involved with this project from the start and is delighted to see his plans come to fruition: “We know how important branding can be, so to make it easier for customers to get this from Exporta has been an important goal. This investment is something that will immediately add value to our offering.”

The new machine, installed at the end of June 2022, is up and running and ready to go. It’s designed to work on any plastic product with a large enough surface area to print on, meaning it will work with the majority of products in the Exporta range.

The benefit of branding goods include brand exposure, identification, and the prevention of lost or stolen goods. Sending out goods within branded containers or pallets provides a strong opportunity for additional advertising and brand exposure. Details such as a phone number and a web address can also be added. This also helps to ensure goods aren’t lost or stolen as they are clearly marked. In terms of identification, printing can be used to add things like sequential numbering or colour coding to products to aid in picking and general warehouse operations.

Pallet Load Testing

How often have you been on the cusp of purchasing a new pallet for your system, but you’ve been unsure how the pallet will perform with your standard goods load? This no longer needs to be a concern, as Exporta has installed a load testing machine to test your load on a potential pallet.

Exporta claims that this is a unique offering to the UK market and something that has taken months of planning. The system allows Exporta to measure the performance of a pallet on racking and on a forklift. The width of the racking can be tailored to match the racking the pallet will be used on. Exporta can test both racking pallets as well as testing nestable pallets for their dynamic load and it can then provide an approved report on the results to give you confidence when you’re purchasing a pallet for your warehouse or shipping system.

Exporta measures the deflection of the pallet with your load over a 24-hour period, and then measures the time it takes to return to its original form once the load has been removed. It can then ensure that the pallet meets the regulation deflection tolerance as required by ISO8611.



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