Extra Power for Intensive Applications

Clark has given the PPFXS20 electric low-lift truck with integrated operator platform a face-lift for intensive applications. In the process, the materials handling vehicles specialist has not only improved the ergonomics and user-friendliness of the truck, but also the performance: for particularly intensive operations, the low-lift trucks are now also available with lithium-ion technology.

The PPFXS20 with a load capacity of two tons has an integrated operator platform with padded side walls. This provides the operator with maximum comfort, especially on longer journeys. The low-lift truck is thus ideal for use in the transport of goods by road, the loading and unloading of trucks via ramps as well as for the order picking of a wide variety of goods in industry, trade, and distribution.

Powerful and safe

The PPFXS20 is equipped with a maintenance-free and enclosed 1.6 kW three-phase traction motor. This provides powerful acceleration and high speeds of up to 10 km/h. The powerful 2.2 kW lift motor guarantees maximum efficiency when lifting and lowering loads. Thanks to the high battery capacity of 375 Ah for the lead-acid battery, the pallet truck achieves optimum battery life. The pallet truck is available with side battery change as standard. The quick and easy battery replacement via a roller bed guarantees high availability of the truck. For particularly demanding applications or for multi-shift operation, the PPFXS20 is also optionally available with a 205 Ah lithium-ion battery. The Li-Ion battery can be recharged at any time and within a very short time – for example during breaks – without damaging the battery or shortening its service life. Recharging the battery is possible at any 230-volt socket. In just 10 minutes, 7 % of the battery capacity can be recharged. This reduces the downtime that would be necessary to change the battery. After only three hours, the battery is fully charged again. Li-Ion technology not only increases productivity, but also saves costs for maintenance, infrastructure, and replacement batteries. This makes a Li-Ion vehicle worthwhile for anyone who wants to operate a maintenance-free, long-lasting, and fast-charging battery with a high safety standard.

Improved ergonomics ensure intuitive operation

For handling work and horizontal transport over long distances, the generous side access with an opening range of 445 mm enables the operator to climb up and down from the vehicle quickly and safely. While driving, the operator can comfortably lean against the padded backrest of the generously designed operator’s platform. The operator’s platform is fully suspended and guarantees vibration-free operation so that the operator can concentrate fully on his work. The ergonomic tiller is height adjustable.

All controls can be operated intuitively and without fatigue by both left- and right-handed operators. The rounded fork tips allow safe and speedy threading into the pallet and thus contribute to a high turnover of goods. The all-electric power steering is smooth. This allows the vehicle to be manoeuvred precisely and safely even in the tightest of spaces, for example in narrow racking aisles. For greater safety when cornering, the automatic reduction of the driving speed is proportional to the steering angle. This reduces the centrifugal forces acting on the operator.

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