Fleet Safety Enhanced by AI Dash Cams

Quest has selected Samsara, the pioneer of the Connected Operations™ Cloud, to enhance the safety of its fleet operations. By harnessing Samsara’s video-centric safety solution, Quest is set to utilise AI Dash Cams, driver coaching tools, and actionable data to establish a world-class fleet safety initiative.

In conjunction with an existing program that focuses on annual driving behaviour training, Samsara’s AI Dash Cams and driver coaching tools are poised to deliver tangible benefits, including the reduction of accidents, the prevention of false claims, and a decrease in operational costs. The video-driven safety solution leverages advanced AI technology and g-force accelerometer data to provide real-time insights to fleet managers. Among these insights are the detection of distracted driving, instances of harsh braking and acceleration, and tailgating, all of which contribute to preventing accidents proactively.

This innovative technology enhances driver conduct through audible in-cab alerts that draw attention to high-risk behaviours and incidents. Moreover, safety reports and user-friendly workflows, including driver safety scores and risk assessments, facilitate scalable driver coaching and incentivise safe driving practices. Furthermore, by making use of the Samsara Driver mobile app, Quest can introduce driver-centric gamification and establish employee reward programs, further fostering a culture of safety among its workforce.

Dave Smithson (pictured), the Transport Manager at Quest, expressed his satisfaction with the successful trial of Samsara’s innovative technology. He mentioned, “We are thrilled to work with Samsara to elevate our driver safety efforts to the next level. This technology will empower us to provide guidance and support to our team members for enhancing their driving behaviour. Moreover, it offers us a standardised approach for incident reviews and driver monitoring.”

Fleet Safety

In addition to establishing a comprehensive fleet safety program, Quest plans to harness the capabilities of Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform. This platform will provide real-time fleet visibility, ensuring enhanced productivity through better fuel and maintenance planning, continuous monitoring of assets and equipment, and cost reduction. This also includes the ability to robustly defend against legal and insurance claims, thus safeguarding the well-being of employees, the company, and public safety.

Philip van der Wilt, SVP and GM of EMEA, Samsara, added: “It’s exciting work with Quest to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. We look forward to providing them with the insights and real-time data they need to create a real-world impact on safety, for their employees, customers and the community within which they operate.”

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