Fleet Tracking for Long Haul Truck Deliveries

LogiNext, a logistics automation firm, announces the launch of ‘Tracking 2.0’ for long haul truck deliveries. The product is introduced to offer real-time alerts for any anomalies or deviations and share visibility on transport fleet performance through multiple indicators tracked in real-time. Through such features, LogiNext aims to minimize risks involved in the logistics industry, while helping enterprises to optimize their delivery operations.

LogiNext Fleet Tracking is built with data mapping and data analytics services, bridging the gap between technology and trucking. This makes it possible to track end-to-end long haul movement via a single platform. Enterprises can now track vehicle data tracking points like GPS location, fuel consumption, updates on truck movement, temperature of holds and much more. LogiNext has released this product with new features for the industry, offering a set of proactive alerts that promises enhanced visibility and proactive risk mitigation for long-haul fleet operations via a single control panel.

“LogiNext’s Fleet Tracking functionality can help identify and address various challenges faced by the logistics industry. We have seen interest from our existing enterprise customers on adopting this functionality for varied use cases including temperature tracking for cold chain deliveries, enhanced security management of their critical long haul deliveries, and many more. We are working towards creating impactful outcomes from this technology, as a part of our vision to make the industry safer and efficient.” said Dhaval Thanki, Vice President – APAC & MEA, LogiNext.

With visibility on KPIs like tracking vehicle location, harsh braking, speed, driver seat-belt status and door open status, the software would provide alerts to notify central teams of any deviations, delays or anomalies in fleet movement. The temperature sensor data tracking would help healthcare and food cargo carriers to ensure that the high value cargo maintains its integrity during the long-haul fleet movement.

Based on historical data, enterprises can make better & informed decisions around fleet operations planning with an aim to reduce the risk of anomalies and optimize the fleet performance.

By bringing end-to-end tracking of fleet operations, LogiNext aims to contribute to an efficient and safer long-haul logistics operational practice for the industry.

With real-time alerts for any anomalies and visibility into truck performance, the new product uses latest data analytics technologies to reduce anomalies and make fleet operations more efficient across the globe.

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