Geek+ helps transform CEVA’s e-commerce operations

Geek+, a global AMR leader, has successfully deployed AMRs in CEVA Logistics’s Truganina warehouse. CEVA is a global third-party logistics (3PL) provider looking for new and innovative automation solutions to better serve its Australian ecommerce clients. Implemented by Körber Supply Chain, the project greatly improves efficiency and productivity in the warehouse, ensuring smoother order fulfillment for CEVA’s customers.

Lit Fung, Geek+’s Managing Director for APAC, UK, and Americas, said: “Today, an accelerated demand for fast order fulfilment has created a challenging scenario for businesses everywhere. In Australia, a booming e-commerce landscape has made ‘delivery services’ the determining factor of who’s going to come out on top. Using smart robot automation, CEVA has turned a challenge into an opportunity that will allow them to set the standard and gain considerable advantages.”

With upwards of 500,000 sq m of warehouse space and 1,350 employees, the site in Australia is one of the largest warehouses in the southern hemisphere. When a leading online shoe store experienced rapid growth, CEVA began looking at ways it could help the company meet consumers’ demands for speed and cost of delivery.

Previously, CEVA would have had to add more employees to an already labour-intensive process, with 12 to 15 employees using radiofrequency picking devices to complete one order. Today, Geek+ autonomous mobile robots intelligently and flexibly move mobile inventory racks and pallets to picking stations, saving employees time that would otherwise be spent walking around finding and picking inventory. The result is an overall improvement in employee comfort and logistical efficiency, as well as considerable savings.

“Thanks to Geek+’s AMR technology, we now have a very fast and efficient picking productivity and throughput solution,” said Milton Pimenta, CEVA Logistics’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand. Following the project’s seamless implementation, CEVA saw an immediate improvement in key performance indicators, most notably a fourfold increase in picking efficiency. CEVA plans to use the solution to support its wide customer base, securing its leadership position as a first-rate logistics provider.

“CEVA feel that a number of their clients could benefit from AMR technology. As this was the first pilot project for the business, it was extremely important that we delivered on our predictions,” said Ravi Nath, Körber Supply Chain’s head of automated solutions for Australia and New Zealand.

Geek+ will continue to work closely with Körber to help scale operations across regions and support CEVA with efficient, accurate, and flexible AMR solutions for the company’s wide network of global customers.




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