GEODIS opens additional warehouses in Netherlands

To accommodate the growth of its retail customers in The Netherlands, GEODIS has opened a new 17,000 sq m warehouse in Almere and will also add a 9,000 sq m facility in Venlo.

While awaiting the construction of its 130,000 sq m logistics campus at Trade Port Noord planned for the end of 2023, GEODIS is extending its activities to offer additional capacity for its customers. The Group has opened a new site in Almere in November and is preparing the opening of another one in Venlo, due to be operational in the coming weeks. It is planned that both sites will be equipped with latest automation technologies. Among them are autonomous mobile robots from Locus Robotics to support the picking process and reduce the physical demands on employees by eliminating the need to pull pick carts and by decreasing overall travel.

GEODIS currently has a 16,000 sq m retail warehouse in Almere, which means the capacity there has doubled. “This expansion is needed since the pandemic has caused a significant overperformance of many of our current customers and to host our new customers,” said Mark van den Assem, Managing Director of GEODIS in the Benelux.

ING reports that retail in the Netherlands has grown by 6% in 2020 and another 1.5% in 2021. “Especially companies with an omnichannel approach are expected to increase their business even more,” points out van den Assem. “In order to provide these multi-channel retailers with a long-term logistics solution at the highest possible service level and efficiency, additional warehousing space was needed.”

“We can see the rising demand for e-logistics not only in the Netherlands but throughout Europe and are eager to support our customers in not only achieving their targets but also to be their growth partner,” says Thomas Kraus, President & CEO of GEODIS North, East and Central Europe. “The expansion of the warehouse space in the Netherlands combined with our expertise in e-logistics, marks another important milestone towards our growth ambitions.”

The two buildings have a BREEAM ‘Good’ certification. BREEAM is a world-known sustainability assessment method for buildings1, which underlines GEODIS’ dedication towards sustainable logistics.

GEODIS has now almost 220,000 sq m of warehouses in the Netherlands, including Venlo, Amsterdam, Almere & Rotterdam.

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