Goods-to-Person Calculator Helps Automation Investment

FORTNA, a leading automation and software company for the full logistics value chain, today announced the launch of its innovative Goods-to-Person (GTP) e-Commerce Assessment Calculator. This cutting-edge tool provides businesses across industries with a comprehensive analysis of potential labour savings achievable by integrating goods-to-person technologies.

In light of the unprecedented growth of e-Commerce and escalating labour costs, companies are struggling to maintain operational efficiency and profitability. The FORTNA GTP calculator arrives as a way for warehouse operators to better plan around the challenges of recruiting, training and retaining a capable workforce.

“Using GTP for labour savings, better ergonomics, improved cycle time and space savings for e-Commerce has moved into the realm of table stakes.” said Russ Meller, Chief Scientist, FORTNA. “Our GTP calculator moves beyond generalities to specifics – it provides estimated, long-term labour savings that a properly designed goods-to-person solution can bring to a business, reflecting some of the most pressing tradeoffs. So, although designing a system will take more investigation, the calculator can quickly represent what you are leaving on the table by not having a GTP installed today.”

The FORTNA Goods-to-Person e-Commerce Assessment Calculator empowers companies to make strategic decisions by quantifying the tangible benefits and labour savings of automating their fulfillment processes. The calculator is a response to the increasing need for businesses to advance beyond traditional methods and harness the efficiency that technology offers for picking productivity. The GTP e-Commerce Assessment Calculator allows users to adjust various entries to reflect their specific operational context, delivering personalized 10-year labour savings forecasts by leveraging goods-to-person technologies.

“Today’s e-Commerce landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, demanding more efficient and scalable solutions,” added Meller. “The push for warehouse automation is not just about keeping up, it’s about setting the pace for the future.”

FORTNA invites anyone looking to revolutionize their warehouse and fulfillment operations to utilize this assessment tool to formulate a thorough business case, considering all factors alongside labour savings, to support investment in the efficiency and growth potential automation offers.

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