Handheld upgrades OS for rugged device

Handheld Group, a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, has launched an operating system upgrade to Android 11 for the NAUTIZ X2 rugged handheld which has become a popular device especially in logistics, warehousing, and supply chain applications.

The Nautiz X2 is a compact, lightweight rugged handheld designed for efficient field data collection and communication outside of the office environment. With a complete accessory ecosystem, enterprise users can outfit their mobile workers for maximum efficiency.

The Nautiz X2 rugged Android handheld offers:

  • A compact, lightweight, and sleek design
  • A powerful 8-core processor with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage
  • Google GMS certification for full access to all Google apps including Play Store and Google Maps
  • Handheld’s proprietary MaxGo software to quickly apply custom settings to multiple devices
  • High-quality, high-speed scanners with 1D or 2D capability
  • 4G/LTE Android phone functionality and high-speed data
  • NFC, BT 5.0 LE and Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/r/ac
  • Integrated 8MP camera with autofocus and flash
  • Sunlight-readable 4.7-inch capacitive display with multi-touch sensitivity
  • True ruggedness, meeting IP65 and MIL-STD-810-G standards

“The OS upgrade on the Nautiz X2 allows our customers to take advantage newer Android features,” said Johan Hed, Handheld director of product development. “Especially as Android security is improved; our customers can keep and increase their deployments with a consistent form factor and accompanying accessories.”

The Nautiz X2 rugged handheld has a robust accessory ecosystem designed to maximise productivity and comfort for frontline workers. The Nautiz X2 long-range scanner pistol grip gives you the ability to scan 1D/2D labels from 15cm up to 15m. Even outdoors, the Nautiz X2’s 4G WWAN capabilities can give you access to your backend system while scanning.

The Nautiz X2 can be ordered now and is expected to begin shipping this month. Customers with earlier Nautiz X2 units can upgrade to Android 11.

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