Heritage in Motion for Portuguese 3PL

Brunotir was born at a time when roads were highways of adventure and trade between nations was made possible by the daring journeys of transporters. Founded in September 1997 by two intrepid visionaries, Mr João Soares and Mrs Alice Ribeiro (pictured below), this modest company took its first steps towards its destiny with a single truck and a bold vision.

Brunotir’s adventure began with international transport in Central Europe, but quickly spread beyond its borders, taking on the challenges of Eastern European routes. With a fleet of over 90 vehicles, the company has ventured into uncharted territory, braving storms and overcoming obstacles with unwavering determination.

With each voyage, Brunotir carried not only goods, but also its reputation for excellence and reliability. But like all great journeys, this one has not been without its bumps. In 2022, the company finds itself at a crucial crossroads: adapt to the challenges of the future or remain rooted in the past. Brunotir took a bold decision: to invest in cutting-edge technology to modernise its operations.

That’s how SAP Business One and TransSharp came into the company: an alliance between tradition and innovation, between Brunotir’s experience and SharpthinkIT‘s advice. This revolutionary system has taken the company into a new era of efficiency and control. Thanks to this solution, Brunotir has acquired a global vision of its operations, enabling it to optimise routes, control the fleet in real time and offer an even more agile and reliable service to its customers.

But the real secret of Brunotir’s success lies not only in technology, but also in its tireless dedication to quality and excellence. Quality certification to the highest standards of ISO 9001:2015 is testament to this commitment. At every stage of the process, from loading to final delivery, Brunotir always strives to exceed expectations and raise industry standards.

Looking ahead, the company knows it will always have a reliable partner in SAP Business One and TransSharp, ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead. The Brunotir story is made up of chapters, each written with courage, determination and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

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