High Performer in High-rack Warehouses

Soon to be launched on the market, the Linde V modular is a new, powerful player for high-rack warehouses. The truck offers a load capacity of 1.2 tons and is an ideal option for warehouse operators who aim for even more effective goods picking on various different racking levels. Some of its key features includes the ability to reach picking heights of up to 14.5 meters, a visibility-optimized triplex mast with or without free lift, a comfortable driver’s cab, and a high level of safety thanks to improved stability, a new type of Linde personal protection system, and special lighting solutions. Another advantage is its design as a modular system and the large number of variants and equipment options available. The chassis, mast and cab can be perfectly customized to application-specific requirements. The new trucks will be launched for sale at the LogiMAT trade show in Stuttgart at the end of April.

With increasing frequency, both large and small high-rack warehouses are reaching their capacity limits: “Online retailing demands high goods availability and fast deliveries,” says Anna Keilbach, Senior Product Manager for VNA Trucks and Vertical Order Pickers, explaining one of the reasons for the larger inventory. Another aspect is the desire for greater individualization and the associated growing number of product designs. However, as more storage space becomes needed, many operators prefer to increase the height of their racking systems instead of building new warehouses due to the high cost of floor space – especially in metropolitan areas. “As a consequence, this requires vertical order pickers with conducive working heights and performance capability,” the product manager states.

Performance makes the difference

The new Linde V modular is designed to meet precisely these requirements. For the first time, drivers will be able to reach picking heights of up to 14.5 meters from the platform – 2.5 meters more than before. In addition, the new truck offers a 22 percent increase in lifting speed and a 20 percent faster lowering speed – resulting in time savings when raising or lowering the cab, which has a positive impact on productivity. To meet the varying conditions in the warehouse, the triplex mast is available in two versions: The mast featuring a free lift is suitable for warehouses with diverse ceiling heights. Two lateral lifting cylinders instead of one centrally positioned lifting cylinder ensure optimized visibility. In the variant without a free lift, the mast extends faster because there are no deceleration phases during mast transitions. Added to this is the very good mast visibility provided by the design.

New features for enhanced safety

Along with the Linde V modular, Linde MH is going to launch its own personal protection system (PPS), which will be used in all VNA equipment from Linde MH in the future. The new Linde PPS meets all the requirements of DIN standard 15185-2, which prohibits the simultaneous presence of people and vehicles in narrow aisles and prescribes special protective measures in the event that this should happen accidentally nevertheless. Equipped with a laser scanner at the front between the load wheels and at the rear on the drive side, the Linde PPS detects people in a protective zone of up to nine meters. As soon as a person enters the area monitored by the scanner, an alarm sounds and the vehicle comes to a safe stop. Additional warning fields ensure that the order picker’s speed is reduced even before the protective zone is reached, so as to enable the smoothest possible braking process. In the transfer aisle, the Linde V modular can be operated alongside other vehicles due to its safety equipment. Here, the warning fields of the laser scanners provide assistance as well by throttling the travel speed when obstacles appear.

LED stripes provide even better visibility for the vehicles. Located at the front and rear of the lift mast, they ensure optimum distribution of light at close range. In the direction of travel, the stripes emit white light; at the rear, they shine red. Pedestrians and other forklift drivers can thus see from a distance in which direction the truck is moving.

User-friendliness is a top priority

It’s no secret that picking goods is one of the most physically demanding jobs in the warehouse environment. The Linde V modular effectively supports the picker in this regard by means of various features. First and foremost: the spacious driver’s cab, which allows plenty of freedom of movement. Added to this is the soft floor mat, which cushions vibrations and prevents fatigue. The ergonomic control panel can be mounted on the load side, the mast side or on both sides. Recently, this choice has also been extended to the positioning of the color display, which shows the driver all relevant information. This includes speed, lift height, residual capacity and steering angle, as well as other information from optional features such as Linde’s warehouse navigation system. Optionally available tilting barriers give the driver 50cms of additional reach when retrieving goods from the rack. The auxiliary lift function is another helpful feature: At the push of a button, the forks move down a defined distance so that the driver can deposit the packs of goods retrieved from the rack as easily as possible.

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