Highrunner: Containerised Logistics Palletiser

CKF Systems are delighted to introduce the new palletising solution developed by Qimarox for logistics operations where palletising goods from containers happens frequently. The Qimarox Highrunner HR9 comes complete with a unique pattern generator allowing the system to stack boxes of almost any size on pallets at high speed without specially trained technicians generating a fresh pallet pattern for each new product.

CKF Systems is the sole Silver Partner for Qimarox in the UK and has a wealth of experience integrating Qimarox product lifts and layer palletisers. The manual unloading of ‘loose loaded’ containers is physically demanding, time-consuming and unattractive work. The removal process from the containers one by one and then manually stacked onto pallets, can lead to damaged packaging and goods if stacked carelessly or dropped.

Investment in the automation of the palletising process will provide companies the solution necessary to meet the increasing demands of the global supply chain to empty containers more efficiently and improve the working environment for personnel.

Smart pattern generator with 3D scanner

CKF Systems design and build the conveyor systems supporting the Highrunner HR9 palletiser and integrate a 3D case product scanner which automatically captures the contours and dimensions of the cartons. The data forms the input for the pattern generator which calculates multiple stacking patterns based on that information, this is then displayed to an operator highlighting the preferred pattern. The pattern is selected to offer the best stability, pallet utilisation and speed of case handling. Once selected the pattern can be saved into memory against that product and recalled, as required automatically, on recognising the product barcode. This process no longer requires highly trained and experienced technicians or callouts from specialist programmers each time a new product is received.

CKF Systems has been operating as a leading turnkey automation provider in the UK since 1988 and has a wealth of experience integrating state of the art automation solutions for our customers who range from SMEs all the way up to some of the biggest global corporations. CKF are pleased to have achieved some of the highest accolades and partnerships with Qimarox, Intralox, ABB and Interroll for many years, demonstrating their commitment in supporting CKF’s capabilities. With the introduction of the Qimarox Highrunner HR9, CKF can expand their container unloading offering to customers throughout the UK who require a robust and reliable solution to palletise varied and ranging products.


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