Hoppecke launches new heavy-duty battery

In highly intensive operations, handling equipment and its traction batteries are often pushed to the limit during daily use. To tackle this, industrial battery specialist Hoppecke has launched a new range, purpose-designed for heavy-duty applications.

Featuring a unique ‘Connect Four’ structure, the trak | uplift quadro offers four essential advantages: running times are longer, as the technology delivers up to 75% more usable capacity compared to a classic PzS cell under load; meanwhile, a fast-charging capability ensures better battery availability; opportunity charging is possible without intensive equalisation charging; and a Protective Shell Separator prevents short circuits due to mossing.

The trak | uplift quadro’s higher efficiency translates into energy savings of up to 8%. There are fewer cable temperature issues too, as the battery runs cooler for longer, effectively extending its service life.

A new design incorporates an optimised pole and electrode concept. A reduced cell height, special copper inserts, four poles instead of two and optimised connection of the electrodes all add up to enhanced conductivity. The trak |uplift quadro also has a significantly reduced internal resistance compared to the standard lead-acid battery. Consequently, the voltage level during discharge is stabilised, resulting in excellent high-current capability.

Hoppecke’s UK General Manager, Stuart Browne, said: “We’re really excited about the new trak | uplift quadro, which is purpose-designed to cope with high-tonnage trucks and intensive operations where equipment typically runs all day.

“Thanks to extended running times, high efficiency and a long lifecycle, the range is inherently flexible, making it ideally suited to demanding applications such as construction, engineering and agriculture.”

Compatible with standard PzS chargers, the trak | uplift quadro is available in three variants.

The standard 48-120v lead-acid battery comes with an electrolyte level indicator. Another battery incorporates electrolyte circulation to eliminate acid stratification. The system switches on automatically and is practically maintenance-free. Finally, the trak | uplift quadro iQ comprises a high-current battery with smart charging and intelligent control. It offers increased flexibility, as charging times are improved by up to three hours. This variant also enjoys the lowest maintenance costs, and energy consumption is reduced by up to 19%.

The new trak | uplift quadro range is available from Hoppecke and all reputable MHE suppliers.

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