Horizontal packaging machine with emphasis on efficiency

Microline is an Italian company specialising in the design and marketing of automatic machinery and line-automation solutions. The company possesses a high degree of technological expertise, specialising in Tissue product packaging. This is the target sector of the ECO Wrap 1050, Microline’s latest product: a horizontal packaging machine with the emphasis on efficiency.

Microline believes simplicity need not mean low quality. For years, its construction mantra has been the greatest possible simplification. It claims this means its machines are very sturdy and need less maintenance, without sacrificing any of the care that goes into designing and producing each individual component. The ECO Wrap was created in line with these principles, to meet a specific need voiced by the tissue market: low-speed units, whose key features are reliability and service economy.

ECO Wrap is a machine for wrapping AFH rolls or folded products using plastic film. It is able to use a wide range of packaging materials. The machine creates perfectly sealed bags, allowing a broad series of product configurations. This type of packaging is especially well-suited to pre-packaged paper rolls for industrial use and individually packed folded products. The packaging process does not generate any wrapping material scraps or rejects, which cuts out disposal costs and allows a significant saving of wrapping material.

The ECO Wrap works in accordance with an operating principle that is simultaneously simple and effective. Products coming from the saw or the wrapping machine are fed by a system of conveyors, oriented and taken into the machine in a single line by means of a system that arranges them in the desired configuration. The products are then placed in the lifting unit for layering, if required, and placed in a bag. The bag is closed at the next stage. This is done by overlapping and sealing the packaging material at the top of the bag, before the film is sealed crosswise by folding the flaps inside the bag. This machine can pack up to six bags per minute, in a wide range of configurations.

The ECO Wrap does not merely save packaging material, it also allows energy saving: the flow wrapper creates high-quality bags that are tight-fitting and do not necessarily require the use of a shrink tunnel. Lastly, the one-piece design allows fast commissioning of the machine, which can be very quickly installed. It can also be rapidly configured for start-up. This avoids prolonged line stoppages and improves production efficiency.

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