iFollow mobile increases capacity to 1,500kg

iFollow has expanded its iLogistics Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) range to include a unit with a 1,500kg capacity. Made at iFollow’s state-of-the-art facilities outside Paris in France, the iL – 1500 tops the range that includes units with capacities of 300kg, 600kg and 1,000kg. And with a unit height of just 17cm, it is the thinnest mobile robot in the world that can carry 1.5t. This gives the new unit the ability to handle a broader range of duties. The unit, which weighs 230kg and has dimensions of 1340 x 760 x 171 (mm), can attain a speed of 1.7m/s. Its 54.6V battery gives 10 hours operation between charges.

Constructed to be sturdy and reliable, iFollow’s iLogistics robotic solution offers many other benefits including the ability to be deployed in cold rooms with temperatures down to -25°C. The temperatures of the key electronic components are regulated by a servo system completely developed by iFollow. This ensures the absence of condensation, even when moving from a very cold environment to a temperate space.

The iL – 1500 navigates without any infrastructure while accustoming to its environment. Because the AMRs adapt to the constraints of existing facilities, there is no need to modify premises.

The lifting platform for the iL – 1500 can be changed, allowing a single unit to fulfil a variety of requirements. Platforms available include a slat conveyor, roller conveyor, chain conveyor, tray roller conveyor, tank support and an on-demand platform. The AMR has the flexibility to transport different storage units such as pallets, trolleys and roll cages – it can carry two roll cages simultaneously – and a robust build means it will happily withstand travel on rough floors.

Working collaboratively with warehouse staff including order pickers, the iL – 1500 provides a productive solution in many sectors and, as a manufacturer and producer of software, iFollow can customise the units to meet the particular needs of the application.


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