In the first of our deep-dives looking at each of the IFOY Award nominated finalists ahead of the winners are announced at BMW World on 30th June, we look at the MOFFETT E5 24.4 NX truck-mounted electric multidirectional forklift from HIAB, a part of Cargotec Corporation.

IFOY category: Special Vehicle / Warehouse Truck

The MOFFETT ‘E5 25.4 NX’ is the latest addition to the all-electric truck mounted forklift range and part of the second generation of the world’s first all-electric truck mounted forklift. The machine now also comes with 4-way steering (Multi-Directional) and the first moving mast machine offering zero-emission, noiseless deliveries and health and safety benefits for drivers. They have not been seen before in this type of application.


The MOFFETT E5-NX e-Series Electric Truck Mounted Forklift is the world’s first all-electric 4-Way Truck Mounted Truck (Multi-Directional) with a moveable mast. Within the dimensions of an existing M5 machine, the manufacturer was able to install batteries, motors, controls, etc. to fully electrify the forklift. The M5 is known for its off-road capabilities, which are now no problem even fully electric.

Typically, truck mounted forklifts are used in many applications around the world such as handling construction materials, lumber, gas, beverage/food/last mile deliveries, agricultural products (turf, animal feed) and many more. There is an increasing demand for lower-emission or zero-emission and noise-free (i.e.: morning or night) deliveries, which poses a challenge for current diesel-powered forklifts. With the new e-series, it is now possible to make zero-emission, noiseless deliveries directly from the delivery truck, even in warehouses. With a truck-mounted forklift, no additional staff is needed, which is an advantage in Europe and countries struggling with driver shortages, and also in compliance with safety regulations due to Covid-19.

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The MOFFETT E5-NX is the world’s first all-electric 4-way truck-mounted forklift. It is the bigger brother of last year’s IFOY winner. It is also the first all-electric truck with what the manufacturer calls a “moving mast”.

The unique mast can be extended, making it easier to load and unload trucks from one side. In addition, this design makes it extremely light. Extending the mast is much faster than with comparable vehicles with pantograph masts. Also, the speed at which the mast is extended is adjustable by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, this vehicle also has a pantograph, namely on the fork carriage. After the mast is extended, this pantograph brings the fork carriage forward.

For loading and unloading loads at the far end of the loading area, the test vehicle is also equipped with the optional Lift Assist. This patented system tilts two armrests against the side of the load floor. Especially when the load’s centre of gravity is further away from the truck, Lift Assist helps prevent tipping. Loads can be set down and picked up more easily and safely at the far end of the load floor. The reach is exactly the same as the loading area of a truck. When handling loads at this maximum distance of about 2.2 metres, the residual capacity of the truck – thanks to the special design – remains at 2.5 tonnes.

As there is no IFOY test protocol for this type of truck, this test report only describes the testers’ impressions. In short: the testers are impressed by the nomination. The E5-NX makes a robust and solid impression, although the legroom and the position of the pedals deserve extra attention according to the testers. When working, the advantages of an all-electric truck quickly become clear. The lack of a brake pedal (the vehicle brakes exclusively via the motor) is not a problem at all, as the brakes work as expected. The braking force is even dependent on the driving speed so that the driver does not experience any surprises.

Two other advantages stand out in the impression: the all-electric truck-mounted forklift guarantees quiet and emission-free operation. This means that the forklift can also be used indoors without any problems, so that deliveries from outdoors to indoors are also possible.

Thanks to its quiet operation, it can also be used in the early morning hours or at night without disturbing the surroundings. In addition, the operator does not need to wear hearing protection. A low noise level also means that the operator is generally more aware of his surroundings. For added safety, the steering speed can also be adjusted.

The 4-way concept in itself is not new and enables smooth driving, even with long loads and narrow passages. However, the system has been further improved on this truck. For example, the wheels are automatically and electronically controlled into the correct position. When driving sideways, the reverse warning can also be heard, which the testers found annoying.

The lithium-ion battery can be easily recharged if necessary while driving to the next delivery address. In many cases, however, the minimum operating time of six to eight hours is more than sufficient.

IFOY Test Verdict:

Following the introduction of the first all-electric, IFOY AWARD winning MOFFETT E4-25.3 NX, Hiab-Cargotec Engineering Ireland takes a logical next step towards a zero-emission and quieter future for 4-way forklifts too with the MOFFETT E5 25.4 NX. Intelligent features such as the movable mast and the patented Lift Assist make work safer and more pleasant for the operator.


Market relevance: With the E5-25.4 NX, MOFFETT continues to respond to demands for individual delivery of goods at modern requirements. The environmentally friendly version of the truck-mounted forklift reaches a new performance range and is now on a par with comparable diesel-powered vehicles. The circle of interested parties will thus continue to increase, which is seen as having a high market relevance.

Customer benefit: Thanks to the emission-free operation, the user can move a wide variety of goods in load ranges up to 2.5 t very flexibly in confined spaces outdoors and indoors. The electric drive eliminates the usual restrictions when driving indoors. A further developed manoeuvrability with 4-way steering as well as the increased performance now allow easy traction on different surfaces even on steep inclines. The significantly lower noise emission of the truck offers a high increase in the daytime flexibility of deliveries. In addition, the lower operating costs lead to a positive cost-benefit balance after a manageable operating time.

Novelty: Compared to the previous model, further technical details have been added that continue to make the E5-25.4 NX appear innovative. The increased performance means that the machine has no disadvantages in a direct comparison with the diesel-powered M5-NX. A multidirectional drive solution for long goods and further options for integrating flexible lift masts are examples of innovative additions to the MOFFETT E-Series.

Functionality / type of implementation: As expected, the E5-25.4 NX features a solid yet high-quality design that is fully up to the high demands placed on truck-mounted forklifts. The all-electric version can be compared with other already electrified in-plant industrial trucks in terms of operating comfort and control sensitivity. The functions have been expanded and offer more flexibility, e.g. for long goods on various terrains.

Conclusion: MOFFETT shows that technical progress does not remain stagnant and once again delivers a convincing candidate for the IFOY AWARD.

market relevance +
customer benefit ++
novelty +
functionality / type of implementation ++
[++ very good / + good / Ø balanced / – less / – – not available]

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